Integration of existing Flash application into Facebook - PHP application framework and Actionscript customisation. Contract work, new Retirement Income Calculator for a major Aviva campaign aimed at increasing Retirement business. Contract work, Flash Website to promote the TV series "Life and Times of Tim", allowing users to build their own ending to a video by selecting pre-built clips and adding them to a timeline.
Work on the open source project to add SQL transaction logging and, eventually, database synchronisation functionality to the wrapper (originally created by Peter Elst).

Check your understanding: true or false Click the finish button before you check your answers. I think a good friendship is developed when friends can think and feel in each other's shoes. What would you do if your friends put the bite on you to play arcade games with other friends not with you?? TicTacTomato is a new twist on Tic Tac Toe, gauranteed to entertain and infuriate the whole family!

Surprisingly enough, they said a good friend should respect your private time and take care not to get too involved in you.

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