After the Fantastic Halloweek workshops by ‘Shore’ is a load of Rubbish!’ at Beach Creative, Karen has let us know she is back again, with the very seasonal Eco Christmas Craft Workshops.
Aimed at families (children must be accompanied by an adult), ?5 per child, age range 3-16. Shakatak have enjoyed a level of success and career longevity rarely paralleled in contemporary music but then Shakatak is a particularly unusual group. Follow the clues and directions to find the “treasure” whilst exploring our beautiful town on foot!
If he keeps mentioning her every now and then, drunk dials her after every party, compares every new girl he meets to her, then he’s clearly not over her. If she dumped him, or worse, cheated on him, chances are, he probably still hasn’t forgiven her.

Yes, it’s ideal to keep away from his ex, but like they say, sometimes, love finds you in the most unexpected ways. Quite blatantly put, you’d get a lot of chances to hook up or casually date a lot of girls.
If your best friend acknowledges that it just was one of those fun, short-lived relationships that involved no emotional attachment, there might be a chance he’d be willing to understand your situation and respect what you have with her. Because of the nature of their music their fan base is one that is far reaching while always retaining an “underground” element. Herne Bay Heritage Walks are in partnership with Herne Bay Historical Records Society and will run monthly from May to August 2016 (inclusive).
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She might be suddenly interested in you only because of her post-break up rebellious phase, for all you know. If they’ve moved on and apart in life, you dating his ex might not be a big deal eventually.
Getting involved with his ex is definitely going to be messy, so make sure at least the feelings are genuine. But does that mean you give up on the girl you love just because she’s had a past with your best friend?

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