100’s of millions of users are buying products online form grocery to big appliances or even vehicles. Today, users go online not only to just buy everything but also search valuable informations or use the platform to learn. Though the eCommerce need to go a long way with smart phone integration in India, specially, e-Commerce is booming today in comparison to other countries.
According to Global Retail E-commerce index, highest growth in ecommerce segment is at 27% to reach $3.8 billion, and 21% is the projected growth rate for the next 5 years.
Users go online to find and gather information they want and are also trying to connect with each other in the process.
The other important factor is decline in arrange marriages among societies or parents or youths in India. Online dating platform like Cogxio, is a new way to let users discover, meet and plan in real time.It uses machine learning and big data analytics to make your experience more intuitive and seamless.
Technology has made it easier than ever to be your truly worst self in the wild game of love.
Based on TFT interviews, four things emerged as reasons why some people are still not open to the idea of finding love through online dating. People are starting to be more open to the idea but there remain those who wouldn’t hear arguments for it. In Pew Research’s survey, when respondents were asked whether they agree on the statement “People who use online dating sites are desperate”, 23 percent said yes. Perhaps the argument that is widely held by critics of tools of this nature is that they “encourage” one-night stands, considering that these allow one to find people closest to them, particularly those who like them back. Over the past years, police records in the UK have registered a rise in the number of crimes that mentioned particular dating apps. From 55 reports of crimes that mentioned the apps in 2013, the number jumped to 412 cases in 2015, according to a media report. The number may have significantly increased but it remained a minor portion compared to the several thousands of dating app users, the report also said. The Filipino Times provides the information that the large Filipino community in the region wants and needs.
Since he is long gone now, a distant Medieval memory that I have locked up and erased, I was quite shocked to get a text from my friend J* recently inquiring about The Squire. According to Jui Ramaprasad, assistant professor of information systems at McGill University, they still see that women don't make the "first move" online. The offline 'flirting' equivalents, at best, would be a suggestive look or a preening bodily gesture such as a hair toss to one side or an over-the-shoulder glance -- each subject to myriad interpretations and possible misinterpretations. Much less ambiguity exists in the online environment if the focal-user views another user's profile and leaves a visible train in his 'Recent Visitors' list.

Surprisingly, however, users who browsed anonymously also wound up with fewer matches than their non-anonymous counterparts. This was especially true for female users: those with anonymous browsing wound up with an average of 14 percent fewer matches.
The team examined the impact of anonymous browsing via a premium online browsing service where 50,000 users were given free access to the feature for a month, enabling them to view profiles of other users without leaving telltale digital traces.
The study, published in the journal Management Science, could lay the groundwork for further academic analysis of online dating sites. Experiments of this sort could be used in a range of online-matching platforms to help understand how to improve the consumer experience -- though it's important that the experiments be done ethically, the researchers added. With this increased interest of information sharing & search has led to online communication in real time which evolved years back and has been ever-changing with advancement in technology in messenger applications. The behaviour, attitude and thinking of today’s youth have changed which is a mix of latest technologies and innovations. We live in such a time now where youths and their beliefs and thought processes are changing and their views have added technology to bring a new dimension. The best part is not to wait like arrange marriages for months but to connect instantly if you like each other and start interacting. Online dating is growing with 5X year on year basis and market has reached more than US $4.0 Bn. From outright trolls to completely oblivious weirdos, 2014 was a big year for online dating fails.
But compared with figures from a decade ago, the number went down by 6 percentage points from 29 percent.
A sad example of a meet-up that has gone awry is that of a 25-year-old Filipina in Dubai who was thrown out of a car half-naked after the she befriended on Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger got mad when she refused his sexual advances. More than just a source of information, we aim to be a hub that unites the Filipino community and bridge the thousands of miles between them.
Nobody is going to buy a dude in a Star Trek shirt taking his own photo in his Mom’s bathroom. In the online dating world, women do not like to send personal messages to initiate contact and later mating and would rather send "weak signals" than making the first move, a team of Indian-origin researchers has revealed. The cheap smart phones are also one of the reasons for increased online user base and use of online information, communication and sharing.The e-Commerce itself has integrated with the existing communication channels for  example WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and more.
Not only youths but parents and societies are changing, their traditions are changing and they are coming forward to welcome new changes by giving responsibility to youth at early age itself. The today’s youth is not interested in arrange marriage at all because, arrange marriages are pushing our great Indian morals to the back-seat. The real time communication and interaction has made meeting and engaging with  people easier.

The negotiations could happen too quickly, as Kevin has admitted, allowing for one-night stands.
After 10 days, they agreed to meet each other at the parking lot near Deira City Center where they fought and the victim ended up molested.
I assume every girl secretly wants to be a bar maiden or lady in waiting at some point in their life.
I mean, looking as if the camera just snuck up on you and hit you in the face is not the best way to sell yourself online.
But it seems eCommerce bubble is getting down from the eyes as only big players are able to survive and smaller ones are either being acquired by big players or need to pivot or close for example Tradus (Pivoted to Coupon website). The belief in caste-ism have devolved and openness has entered in the families and societies. This change is evolving in many ways among the youths and societies as well. Youth do not want to spend much time in browsing profile directories created by parents or siblings but want to connect and interact fast forward.
This is why it is important to have firm, solid values before venturing out into the cyber jungle. Technically he was a Squire but we can just ignore that because a Knight sounds way more impressive. Rhinofinger should probably add that to the list of things that one never says and I assume his list is very short.
More than 115 Million users are on online dating websites in India and trying their luck to find out or meet someone.
My advice to men pursuing the online dating game: invest in a photo taken by somebody else. Anyways, my fling with the Squire ended which I personally found shocking because I assumed a Squire and myself would connect on a lot of levels. The great thing about momentarily dating a Squire is that bad choices make good stories, or at least that’s what people say when they regret things.
This spending is also cost effective in comparison to the arranged marriage spending to find or meet someone. An endless influx of jokes and entertainment stemmed from that little lapse of judgment and to me, that is well worth it. The good news is, J’s profile provided me with a newfound source of entertainment ability to peruse some local dating profiles.

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