If you're dating - or thinking about dating - an older man, you may be concerned about keeping his interest.
According to an article in Ask Men, women who date older men often do so for a variety of reasons.
Since an older man may have a broader perspective on life simply because he is more experienced, you can ask him questions that a younger man might find threatening. If you focus on reading more and staying abreast of current events, you'll find it easy to dispense with the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies getting to know one another. Learn how to talk about a variety of topics that might interest a professional man or one involved in business or current events. When you do your thing, such as pursue your favorite athletic interests, forms of entertainment, education, or career path, you will give your older man space to do his thing too. While men do appreciate a woman who needs them, they also appreciate a woman who is independent - someone who is able to make decisions, earn money, and take care of herself. If you really like someone who is considerably older, the relationship is usually based on compatible personalities, common interests, and chemistry. The common stereotype is that older men are only interested in younger women for sex and that they lure them in with the promise of money and expensive gifts. And while we are talking about money, don’t make it seem like you are overly interested in how much he has, even if you are just curious. 2007 stats for the USA show that at birth, women are expected to live 5 yes longer than men. If the a women in the relationship is 10, 15, 20 yrs younger, and statistics show that the woman is more likely to be widowed by nature discluding the age difference, is it worth mentioning that a woman marrying an older man should consider the possibility of losig their companion much earlier than if he was closer to her age?
I am in my 20’s, my partner is nearly 60, i realise its a big age gap, and has caused a lot of problems with my family accepting this! To me there is a different between life with an older man and being with a younger man close to your age. If his plans are to travel the world and live in 10 different countries in the next 5 years you may find that doesn’t fit with your vision of commitment. You don’t need to ask these in a serious or interrogating way, you can just approach the subject casually. You really can decipher an incredible amount from what a guy says even on the first few dates. In my FREE newsletter you’re going to discover exactly what men want and how to make them want y0u, plus insightful dating advice for women that really does work. How Would You Like To Discover The Exact Steps To Finding, Attracting and Keeping Your Ideal Guy? Important Note: While I do believe – and have seen proof – that the advice and programs I provide can help you improve your love life , please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results.
But I can tell you that if you read the advice and continually apply it in your life, your chances of success increase dramatically. Women I’ve interviewed between the ages of 40 – 70 largely believe men their age are NOT interested in dating someone their own age. While your concerns are perfectly natural, keeping his interest is not as problematic as you might imagine. For example, they may desire financial stability, be attracted to a confident male who has clear goals, or find an older man able to be more sensual in the bedroom. For instance, you can ask him about career growth or money management because he is likely to be very supportive, offering you advice from his experience, referring you to professional colleagues, or simply pointing out where you can find your best answers. By asking him about important decisions you're thinking of making, he will not only be able to offer insights, but he will also feel recognized and appreciated. While you don't have to be an expert on the things that interest a man with an established career, you need to know enough to ask interesting questions. Some men, especially men at the height of their career, often need space to just figure out their next move in life or how to resolve work-related problems.

As Lori Gorshow, a professional dating coach with Dating Made Simple points out, "Science has shown us that chronological age is only a number. An age difference between two people who really like each other is something that quickly becomes a non-issue.
They have probably done a lot more living than you have and are usually settled into a career.
If an older man suspects that you are after him for his money, then he is liable to look elsewhere for a deeper relationship. People sometimes make comments that include words like ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘gold digger’ and even some less polite words. Because the lives of celebrities are oppen books we know of marriages between them that bespeak greatage differances but rarely here of mere mortals who wed similarly. I’m in my early 20s and have been told that I am quite mature; however, dating someone in their 60s? He doesnt act 33 at all though, he seems like a big kid, like he’s 22 and he doesnt LOOK 33, so that’s a good thing!
I am 52 years old now and I learned that my older ex-husband was a down to earth type of person but demanding to much from me and kept his feelings to himself turning him into an emotional sad old man and screwed our marriage. Being honest and showing the real person that you are showing to each other now and forever is really important.
Look at the language he uses, look at the nature of his life and see if yours fits in with your vision for your life. There is actually an evolutionary psychological theory surrounding this common “phenomenon”. Of a total of 97 men who mentioned age in their ads, only three were looking for an older partner – among men aged 40 to 59, only one out of 67. Studies show older men prefer youth and beauty first for mate selection, and women choose men who offer resources and stability. In fact, you may find that dating an older man is actually easier than dating a man your age who is less mature than you. Keep these tips in mind to help your relationship start out - and stay - on the right path.
It's only when you're completely clueless and naive that he might feel uncomfortable talking to you about social issues or inviting you to meet with his friends at cocktail parties.
If you're busy doing your thing, then you won't smother him with an excessive amount of attention. Even if a man earns much more than you and can easily take care of all your expenses, he will feel stifled if he has to take care of all the bills and expenses, as well as make all the decisions on where to go out for dinner, where to shop, and other simple things.
When you talk about these things, it emphasizes the age difference and creates an awkward feeling for both of you. As teenagers and young adults, we are still experimenting with relationships and figuring out who we are.
While younger men tend to bounce from job to job as they ‘find their place in the world’, older men have been working, building a bank account, paying their bills, and taking care of their responsibilities for some time. He will probably want to take care of the tab at a restaurant or pay for those Broadway tickets. Just be yourself and don’t worry that you may not be mature enough or experienced enough for them.
I have always been attracted to older men, but never thought i would date someone so much older.. Is he on his own because he is a strong guy and is happy to wait for the right person, or does he enjoy having casual flings? Every person is an individual and every situation is unique so no single piece of advice will work for everyone at every time. There have been many studies conducted exploring the reasons behind older men dating younger woman.

It’s no surprise there are a number of websites emerging and profiting from these “mutually benefiting” relationships.
Younger men are known to be irresponsible and often unsettled as they want to go out and experience life. Just be aware that sooner or later this dating situation is going to draw some comments and criticisms.
They obviously find some quality about you that is attractive so there is no need to try to be or act like someone that you are not. Everyone is different, but there is a reason that most people don’t go for that large of a gap.
Sure, the sex is great and we certainly both want it, but that’s by no means the main focus of our relationship. There is nothing wrong with having an older partner as long as you are happy and appreciate the person that will sit next to you all through your life. Usually, I just wish sometimes he’d lay off work and go out on a Wednesday night with me, but no he has to work which I completely understand.
If you are in your 20’s and he is on social security, then you need to find someone younger. However, if you want to retain some measure of independence and not have him get tired of coddling you, then you need to learn to take care of your own problems instead of relying on him to fix them. We have had a few people comment right to us about the age gap and we just put our arms around each other and give them a smile.
Sort of a supportive anchor (although not dependent) and we could help balance each other out.
For that matter, if you are 18 and he is in his late 30’s, you should find someone younger. By being independent and knowing who you are as a person, he will have more respect for you and will take your relationship more seriously.
The other thing that bothers me is what someone said before- the fact that women typically out-live men, and he’s already significantly older than me. I really like him, love the maturity level, he’s handsome and such a gentleman, and I really want this to last! You will never know what an older man’s motivations are for dating you until you get to know him. But again, I don’t want the age gap to be the determining factor in our relationship. The older you are, the more experience you have in life and thus the more mature you tend to be. Despite our age difference, and therefor a bit of a generation gap when it comes to pop culture, we embrace it and I’m always learning new things from him. We may or may not work out in the long run, but we having a deep, meaningful connection and a loving relationship right now that I would never want to abandon just because of our age difference. Say you are in your late 20’s or even 30 and he is 40, despite the big gap, both of you should be at a level of maturity to handle such a relationship.
We have a lot in common, but there’s enough of a difference to keep things really interesting. Before you go out on that first date, there are some benefits and consequences to consider.
So before you gout with a guy, carefully consider not the difference in your age, but in your maturity. The age gap bothered me at first, but I quickly realized that it just doesn’t matter.

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