Forget bungee jumping and sky diving, traveling long distances to meet your online dating partner is the most exciting holiday you could have! Stay at a hotel when first visiting someone you've met through an online dating service, do not stay at the other person's home.
Keep the name and exact location of your hotel to yourself until you are completely sure of the other person's intentions. Before departing give your friends and family a detailed itinerary and the contact details of both your hotel and the other person. Research where you're going and familiarize yourself with local customs, traditions and dangers.
Long distance and overseas travel can be exciting, confronting and confounding but there's a difference between getting outside your comfort zone and being uncomfortable. Speed Dating is a very easy fun way to meet several singles in a particular age group in one night. Objective: The goal of these events is to help busy active singles, have a chance to meet with several singles in a pleasant non-threatening, private environment face-to-face *7 in Heaven events are held in upscale restaurants which serve excellent food, not loud bar room pubs. When you arrive for Speed Dating, you are greeted by the host and given your assigned table number. Emails are sent the next day (or a phone call if you do not have email) to notify you of your matches. In addition to those you meet one-on-one in your rotations, you'll have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the other participants before the event and  after the event. If it is brought to my attention by the participants, that you did misrepresent your correct age, you will only be allowed to attend another speed dating event that is appropriate for your correct age. Eastern LI events have been held at BEDELL CELLARS in Cutchogue and Speed Dating events at the SOUTHAMPTON INN.
I do know of hundreds of long term connections and marriages that have been made possible through attending our events at 7 in Heaven. We bring singles together in fun ways giving you every opportunity to make these connections. While it's obvious that 7 minutes is not sufficient time to get to know someone in any great depth, your goal should be to determine whether the person you are meeting is someone that you would like to follow up with and possibly see again.
YES, you can let us know if you changed your mind about someone, and I will update the matches and give you their contact information too. 7 in Heaven emails everyone with or without matches, the results of the Speed Dating event you attended the next day. That means EVERY reason, regardless of whether it was because you choose no one; or no one choose you. FRIEND MATCHES does count as a "Match", as it still is an opportunity to make a connection. In the event that you need to cancel and give at least 24 hours prior notice to the scheduled event, we will allow you a credit toward a future event. Please be advised that just like any event ticket purchase, there are NO refunds or credits of any kind for a No Show* or leaving the event early. Once your registration is confirmed and paid (your credit or debit card is charged or your check or money order received), your sale is final.
If you aren't able to attend a SPEED DATING EVENT at the last minute for which you have registered and paid, out of consideration for others, please exercise the courtesy of letting us know ASAP.
SPEED DATING requires pre-payment to reserve a seat, as we balance a list of men and women. Those that choose to pay CASH should RSVP but understand CASH does not guarantee your seat, pre-payment DOES.
Please refrain from asking anyone for contact information or giving out contact information (not even a business card) AT SPEED DATING EVENTS those that are interested in keeping in touch with you, will indicate that on the Speed Dating selection sheet. You may not ask any sexually explicit questions nor say or do (including gestures) anything that may be interpreted as being threatening or sexual harassing. Understand, any sport or social activity you partake in, no matter how simple it may be, could involve possible personal injury - so consider your safety responsibility.

Although we do ask some basic screening questions, we do not complete any formal type of back-ground checks on anyone attending 7 in Heaven Events. Many singles make great connections at our events, but keep in mind we are a social activity club giving you fun opportunities to meet singles. However, just like SPEED DATING events, we still give you an opportunity to make connections. I encourage women to attend alone, as this is the best way to make new friends, both male and female. What are the advantages of Speed Dating and Single Activity Events versus online dating or other ways to meet singles?
Speed Dating and activity events allow you to meet face-to-face with age appropriate single men and women locally where you live and work. Unlike online dating, you get to meet the girl or guy next door, not the online dater that lives 1,000 miles away from you. Unlike meeting at the Laundromat or grocery store or at work, everyone has the same agenda - single and looking to meet someone special! MEMBERSHIP IS FREE  7 in Heaven Singles Events does not charge you any membership fee or commitment beyond the specific event you wish to attend. When you officially register you become eligible for several opportunities for discounted events. Give us a call 631-592-9804 to complete the pre-registration form and make a payment or receive a mailed calendar of events.
However, just like extreme sports, heading across the country or around the world to meet someone is a generally safe activity with a bad name due to a handful of unfortunate events. Wanting to see the other person as soon as you get off the plane is natural but keep your safety in mind.
You are, of course, expecting a guided tour but collecting some useful knowledge will show not only that you're interested but that you're sensible and well prepared. It is my own personal belief- that this is embarrassing and not necessary for this type of event. Your match information will include only the first name of your match and contact information (cell numbers and email). Ideally, the best solution is for you to pass along your admission to a friend of the same sex and within the event's stated age group so as not to throw off our balance of matches.
For the concern and well being of everyone attending our events, we reserve the right to ask anyone with rude, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior to not return to any future events. Therefore you are completely solely responsible for your interactions with anyone you meet at an event and make any arrangements to date or any other types of meetings arranged. Participants live or work in your area, and are looking to find a successful relationship locally. Unlike those blind dates your friends set you up on and you knew in the first 5 mins you want out of here! In just one evening you'll meet between 7-10 dates of singles in your age group instead of just one - saving you time and money. Activity events may have either less or additional costs and do not always require reservation only where specified.
People jump out of planes all the time with no trouble, so long as they've checked their parachutes.
Meet them at the airport by all means but do not get into a private vehicle with them or let them transport your luggage in a private vehicle. Make sure the other person is aware that friends and family know where you are, what you're doing and when you plan to return.
Speed Dating eventually crossed the Atlantic and is hot in the UK and many other parts of the world now!
Appetizers are also included in the price of our regular Speed-Dating Events and the first drink is on US!
Remember you only get once chance to make a first impression, and no one wants to start a relationship based on a lie.

Please note - If you do not want your contact cell number or email given out, then we must know ahead of time in writing directly from you. If you are unable to send a replacement, we’ll attempt to replace you from a waiting list (if there is one). CASH OPTIONS for payment are available on some events but the cost will be $5 higher then the pre-payment option. At the end of the event, hand the card to the hostess We will notify the person (or persons) you wrote on the card and let them know you are you are a SECRET ADMIRER and you are interested in getting to know them better. If you alert me when you arrive that you have come alone, I am always glad to introduce you to those that have already arrived.
At our events you'll find your chances for success in finding the right match for yourself, is much higher then online dating. At Speed Dating, there's no need to fear rejection because at the event no one is allowed to ask someone for a date.
Registration for our events is simple and after completing the brief registration form, attend any event you wish in your age group. Similarly you'll have a safe, successful and exhilarating time if you read our dating tips for long distance meetings. But at the very least, the shroud of unknown associated with the internet is a not an issue. 7 in Heaven will also let you know (the first names only no contact info) of those that choose you but you did not choose them on your sheet. Once a Speed Dating event begins, you will be so busy you won't even have time to notice you are alone!
Try concentrating on the questions you ask and the observations you make of each person you meet. Married-and- cheating are using the online dating sites these days as a way to meet unsuspecting singles. Lucas graduated from California State University, San Marcos, in 2006, earning a Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies with an emphasis in literature and writing. Here since you never know who you will be meeting, it is less likely to meet the married and cheating guy or gal.
Using online dating you end up emailing and talking on the phone to get acquainted, which allows people to easily be something they are not.
These couples face the challenge of maintaining a loving and trusting relationship while living miles apart.
Here at our single events you are meeting face-to-face with men and women, so what you see is what you get! While long distance couples can't always spend time together, they can still have meaningful experiences sharing stories and playing games. Cross country scavenger hunts provide a stimulating date activity for couples who don't have the luxury of seeing each other often. Before heading out, create a list of items to find, such as clothing, toiletries, toys, snacks and stationery. After collecting and buying the items, each of you will mail the simple gifts to each other without sharing details of each item.
Selecting humorous products will add fun to the scavenger hunt and surely make your partner smile.
Photo Scavenger HuntUse a digital or cell phone camera to participate in a photo scavenger hunt with your partner while on the go. For this ongoing and interactive scavenger hunt, partners will prompt each other to find and photograph specific things, such as an insect, something broken, a baby in a shopping cart or whatever inspires them. This scavenger hunt can go back and forth and give long distance couples a way to enjoy each other from afar.

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