Zelfs wanneer het mannen zijn met veel verschillende dates die veel vrouwen ontmoeten, kunnen ze diep in hun hart zich eenzaam voelen omdat ze maar niet de juiste persoon kunnen vinden om de relatie op te bouwen die ze wensen. Er zijn genoeg tips speciaal voor mannen om ervoor te zorgen dat mannen de juiste date vinden. Wanneer je partner je uit de weg gaat en je over van alles en nog wat ruzie hebt zijn dat signalen die erop wijzen dat er iets mis is in je relatie. Een gezonde stabiele relatie verrijkt je leven enorm, maar een scheve relatie heeft een verwoestend effect.
Lots of men make the mistake of lumping them into the category of “Asian women.” Here’s why this shouldn’t be done. There are a few cultural facts about Taiwan that you’re going to have to learn if you want to successfully flirt with a Taiwanese woman.
Sometimes, major advances in a relationship come through a third party, like a friend or mutual acquaintance. This is really strange for westerners, but it’s common practice for Taiwanese people. If you’re interested in a Taiwanese woman, get to know her friends too. She might use her friends to communicate something difficult to you that she can’t say herself.
Flirting with Taiwanese women is a little bit different, but with some experience and knowledge of Taiwanese culture, it becomes much easier. It’s all about taking it slower, and learning to pick up on the nonverbal signals that she gives to you.
When you’re getting to know a Taiwanese woman and you’re ready to deepen your relationship, it’s not too hard to win her over for the long-term. When a Taiwanese woman is in love, she’s the most loyal and giving person imaginable. In order to take things to the next level, you’ve got to show her that you’re giving too. A Taiwanese woman wants a man who will return all the love she gives and more, without ever asking for anything in return. Whatever the reason, make sure she knows that she’s number one and you won’t have any problems. I’ve found Taiwanese people to be extremely committed in relationships, and if you really want a Taiwanese woman to love you, you have to give her this commitment as well. Meeting Taiwanese women isn’t hard to do but many guys have the feeling that they are hard to approach.
One of the biggest problems is that western men often come on too strong for Taiwanese women’s tastes. Since Taiwan is an indirect culture when it comes to communicating, watch her non-verbal cues. Unless you live in a place with a large Taiwanese community, Taiwanese women can be a bit scarce. What really works for meeting Taiwanese women is to have Taiwanese friends or be connected somehow with the Taiwanese community.
Although every woman is different, there are some things that Taiwanese women generally like in a man.
Aside from all of that, take everything you know about western women and double it for Taiwanese women. On the other hand, having a normal, healthy interest in her culture will help you. While Taiwanese women generally avoid nerdy western men who are too obsessed with Taiwan, they like guys who are open-minded and interested in them (which includes their culture). There have been books written on the subject of Taiwanese culture, but I want to focus on one aspect of the culture that has a major effect on relationships with Taiwanese women – shame. While things like holding hands or putting your arm around her will probably be okay for her, anything more intimate than that is going to really bother her. Even something like a goodbye kiss is usually out of the question. For guys that aren’t just out of college, keeping up with technology can be pretty daunting. When you meet a Taiwanese woman, it’s a good idea to swap not only phone numbers but cell phone email addresses as well. This is another thing that’s tough for those of us who came before the email revolution – what do you say in a text message?

You can spend some time practising your communications skills to get you ready to go and give you the confidence to get out there. Most will allow you to sign up for free so you can have a scout around and see how many potential mates are on there. There are also plenty of dating site comparison websites out there giving the pros and cons of each of the larger dating sites. When you think you've found the right site, it is worth taking out a paid subscription. Upload a happy smiling facial photograph and write an interesting, good humoured profile of yourself. When you have been in email contact with someone for between 2 and 4 weeks, it is probably time to meet up in person. De maatschappij gaat ervan uit dat mannen sterk en onafhankelijk moeten zijn, de rots in de branding van elke relatie. Het is net of ze de situatie negeren en gewoon doorgaan.  Maar dit is maar uiterlijke schijn.
Hoewel we altijd roepen dat het niet gaat om het uiterlijk maar om het innerlijk, is de eerste indruk wel degelijk van belang. We denken wel eens dat liefde op het eerste gezicht belangrijk is maar in feite moet je er eerst achter zien te komen of je elkaar uberhaupt wel aardig vindt. Ridderlijkheid is een  beetje uit de tijd geraakt en  je kunt er vrouwen vrouwen tegenwoordig mee op de kast jagen. They have strict ideas about manners and etiquette, so you should show her this side of yourself. Even Taiwanese women who have lived many years abroad may be terribly sensitive about their language ability. It’s just that they come from an extremely different culture, and these characteristics don’t change no matter where they live. Many are beautiful, sophisticated and elegant in a way that drives lots of western men insane.
There are a few ways that guys go about meeting Taiwanese women, such as attending international events or offering to teach English, but these are generally not good for meeting a Taiwanese woman with whom to have a romantic relationship. When a Taiwanese woman comes across the ocean, she drags her culture with her, tucked away in one of her suitcases. They like men who are successful and confident, fun and easy-going, not too aggressive and not afraid to show their ‘cute’ side. They love to be complimented, need to be told that you appreciate them, like to know that they’re number one, and they have a raging sexual side that they hide because of societal expectations, but they’ll unleash it on the right man. This doesn’t mean that you should email her everyday, but what lots of guys do is send a flurry of emails the next day or so, following up with a meeting, and then they stop. It may take a Taiwanese woman longer to get back to you because she may have issues with English. Wanneer een man teveel emoties toont zien anderen hem als een watje, terwijl hij toch een gevoelsband moet zien op te bouwen met de andere sekse. Het gaat om een verdedigingsmechanisme waarmee mannen, eigenlijk net als vrouwen, willen voorkomen dat ze gekwetst worden. Dus zorg ervoor dat je jezelf voldoende verzorgd presenteert en dat je passende kleding draagt voor de gelegenheid die je bezoekt. Veel mensen hebben de neiging of te weinig te zeggen omdat ze verlegen zijn of ze kletsen eindeloos door over koetjes en kalfjes.

Often, Taiwanese women don’t react to your advances in the way that you would expect them to.
I can think of no easier way to have a Taiwanese woman running for the door than to do something like that. Because of this, you should be as non-threatening as possible and let her take her time when responding to you. Taiwanese women will often not say how they feel, but expect you to pick it up from the way they’re standing, looking at you, holding a glass, and so on.
You don’t have to know everything about Taiwanese culture; just keep your approach natural and non-threatening, and watch her for the clues telling you to go ahead.
Because of this, lots of guys are attracted to Taiwanese women, but there are barriers that make it difficult.
Women who want help with their English probably want help with their English, and that’s about all. Before starting to date a Taiwanese girl, you should learn as much as possible about Taiwanese culture. They stay in groups and like to preserve group harmony, often ranking the group’s interests above their own. De enige manier om elkaar te leren kennen is door met elkaar te praten, dus zorg er in de eerste plaats voor dat je ergens heen gaat waar je goed kunt praten (dus geen eerste date in een disco met keiharde muziek) en in de tweede plaats moet je natuurlijk niet alleen praten maar ook goed luisteren. If you can find some point of connection between you, and start a natural conversation about that, you’ll do much better. Although you can approach her and maybe get her in the bed before she goes home, that doesn’t pass for much of a relationship.
Once you’re dating and things are going well, you’ll never find a sweeter or more giving partner. They have email, internet access, games, books and just about everything else on their phones. This is called psychological isolation; it sets the two of you apart from the rest of the world and creates a bond between you.
Part of this is that she may be shy or lack confidence in her English writing skills, so don’t expect quick responses.
Je hoeft je jas niet meer over een modderpoel te werpen of deuren voor haar open te houden (alhoewel…). For example, show that you’d like to spend more time with her, or offer to take her out to a dinner.
Taiwanese women, once devoted to a man, are some of the world’s sweetest and most loyal lovers. For this reason, it’s important for guys to get with the program and learn how to do this, especially since our cell phones are starting to get more sophisticated too.
I remember being surprised when an elegant and mature Taiwanese woman I met and began seeing sent me a message full of sparkly stars, funny faces and exaggerated punctuation marks! Maak er geen interview van, geef ook de ander de gelegenheid om vragen te stellen en vertel (maar niet teveel )over jezelf. Zelfs als de date niet gaat zoals je dat zou willen, en zelfs wanneer je geen enkele aantrekkingskracht voelt voor je afspraakje, dan nog moet je tot het einde toe beleefd blijven.

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