Today I will share some good tips how to prepare for an interview.  I don’t know about you, but job interviews and all that public speaking freaks me out….
When I hear about a new job interview I look like this: This is my confused and maybe a little terrified face. Scary picture …… Anyway, and the worst part is that I thought you can’t do anything about it.
The good thing is that I was wrong.  With some knowledge good preparation and practice you can easily overcome your fear. Exercise not only improves your health and reduces stress caused by life’s challenging situations, it also relaxes tense muscles and helps you to sleep.
Breathing exercises are the mainstay of relaxation exercises that you can do anywhere, at any time. Eat something healthy before a job interview don’t go hungry, your stomach might cause a scene. Respond to questions you think you might be asked in front of a mirror and watch your facial expressions.
Download Job Interview Question-Answer for free and work on answering the tough questions in an interactive format. Seems like a no brainer, but be absolutely positive it’s not going to make a peep during your interview.

It’s best to be familiar with the company culture and mimic that for your interview outfit. That includes the parking attendant, the receptionist, and the people in the cubicles you pass.
Even if you usually have your iPhone in one hand and Starbucks in the other, ditch it before the interview. It makes you look super prepared, it will give you specific points to reference, and you can hand it over when your interviewer forgets to print a copy for themselves.
Do research on the position itself, the company, and the interviewer so you’re ready for any question thrown your way. When you’re asked about your strengths and weaknesses, the interviewer wants a real response. If you’re braving a Skype interview, head to a quiet place, triple-check your connection, and use noise-canceling headphones. You’re going to sound a lot more confident through the phone if you’re not in your pajamas. Reference a laugh you shared during the interview or something specific about the interviewer that you recall. You need to have 8 hours of sleep, then your studied information will stay in your brain and will be easily extracted when you need it.

These give you a feeling of happiness and positively affect your overall sense of well-being. Bonus points if you remember their name and follow up with a casual “nice to meet you” email. You can also try aromatherapy, many people find certain scents, such as lavender, to be relaxing. It may cause a lot uncomfortable problems like sore stomach, feeling too fool or sleepy, or even bloating. Otherwise you are going to be sleepy, lacking of energy and your reaction will be much slower.
Don’t put yourself on any pressure if you not going to get the job you will get another one.

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