Spanish numbersA belong to an Indo-Arabic based decimal system, although the history of the number system is much more ancient. In Europe, and therefore in Spain, for many centuries the Roman numeration system dominated. With the expanding European empires, the number system spread throughout the West, substituting local number systems such as those found in Latin America.
The Indo-Arabic numerical system is still used today and is the base of significant scientific development and universal mathematics.
If we think of it literally (Picturally, if I could say) These signs would mean ''house mouth legs” which surely makes no sense. Though the word belief has nothing to do with bees and leafs, a bee and a leaf succeeded to represent the typical sound of the word ''belief”. Since nobody today really expects you to be drawing all these shapes to write down words or sentences, Egyptologists today have adopted transliteration of these pictures into written sounds, or rather into English alphabet.

One more reason is that you probably won't be able to write the proper symbols on your computer. What I love about this book is that it takes you directly from the minute ancient Egypt had its first Pharaoh till the very end of the Pharaonic system. However, though it spots important female public figures in ancient Egypt like Hatshepsut and Cleopatra, it pretty much stops there.
This books is pretty much like the Chronicle of the Pharaohs book, except for that this one is dedicated to female pharaohs and queens of ancient Egypt.
If you get this book and the previous one you will find out that they have so much in common, they both capitalize on important events in the ancient Two Lands and notable characters.
In the 8th century, Leonardo de Pisa, who had traveled through the Middle East, introduced the Indo-Arabic system to Europe.
In Spain, a billion is one million millions, whereas in the Anglo-Saxon system it is one-thousand millions.

Even when there are some exceptions in the way to form them, their construction follows rules that will allow students to learn them easily.
So they don't have to be drawing for long time, just grabbing a pen and writing two letters and the job would be done.
However, I will do my best to create a simple system for the computer to be able to write Hieroglyphs just like it writes English. Towards the year 1500, the system was already in place and used clearly in mathematical texts.

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