But is she flesh and blood–a chance for a future–or just a faerie creature who will vanish if Gavin dares to open his heart? Ebook Deal of the Day is devoted to offering readers the best ebook deals on the web, as well as connecting them directly to authors who are promoting giveaways for their books. Fifteen and alone she huddles in the night — she must be on the last ship to France before the snow flies. He leaves Frannie with his lady friend in the harbor town of Brest, with a promise to return and take her to Aunt Matilda.

She believes but too many circumstances nearly undo her plans leaving Frannie to wonder if she will ever feel safe or loved again. After surviving a gruesome war, all Radford wants is to work the family sawmill and make a real home for his young daughter.
Driven into solitude by visions of what he would not be and could not have, he vows never to wed. Torn between his unexpected and forbidden love for Evelyn and a desperate need to honor and protect his brother, Radford discovers that his fiercest enemy is his own heart.

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