When you are ready to begin a family history project, you should know that there are some totally free genealogy websites for you to use on the internet.
The Ellis Island site if your ancestors migrated to America via passenger ships to New York, or the U.S. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Hiring a professional genealogist to trace your family tree can be expensive when you are just starting out. Type in the necessary names to begin building your tree (beginning with your name and your parents’ names). They claim to have the world’s largest historical map collection, tombstone inscriptions and photographs, school yearbooks and records of birth, marriage and death. It’s free and you can share your family history, as much as you have of it, and try to connect with others, getting you more details.

Using the free sites can help you with some of the basic research to help support some of  the oral history and family documents  you may already have.
This site is owned and maintained by the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can also freely access the government’s website for the United States census records.
So where do you begin to find theses genealogy websites free and clear of all charges to you?
Upload your family tree to the World Connect Project through this site that currently holds millions of family names in its database.
As your  research gets more involve (and it will) you can then seek a professional to help sort out your findings.
Well, you can use the many search engines available such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to begin your project.

At that point you can continue with the free basic plan that lets you store a limited number of photos and no more than 250 people in the tree.
In this way, other people researching their roots may connect with you and find you have ancestors in common. You also purchase, along with that, support and tools for matching up your family tree with other family’s trees and seeing if there are matches.

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