In my next tattoo book, I won't just be featuring champion tattoo artists but also a number of exciting photographers.
Next week, Solid State Publishing--an enterprise of Solid State Tattoo in Milwaukee--is releasing These Old Blue Arms: The Life and Work of Amund Dietzel.
It's not easy setting up an interview with a tattoo legend who doesn't need any press and has no time for your shit. As one of the godfathers of Black & Gray tattooing, you're the best person to educate people on the basics.
Beyond tattooing, you also have a passion for classic cars and hot rods,and co-founded The Beatniks car club where many of its members are tattoo artists and collectors.
Check the top right of this site and you'll see our new advertiser: MIR Russian Criminal Tattoo Designs apparel. In continuing to highlighting tattoo art featured in my upcoming book, I figured I'll give ya some biomech goodness courtesy of Dan Hazelton.I've been a fan of Dan's work for a while--not just his tattooing but also his airbrush art on everything from canvas to cars to guitars and indoor decor like his work for Ice Bar. It was a tattoo love fest this past weekend at the Traditional Tattoo & World Culture Festival -- festival being the key word as Phil Cummins made it clear that he set out to organize a gathering that was far from the impersonal mega-conventions ubiquitous around the world. Just arrived back in NYC after an insane time at the Traditional Tattoo & World Culture Fest, and while I have tons of things to say about the event with hundreds of photos to share, at this moment of exhaustion, I can barely type. The preview page they've got up looks fantastic and at over 200 pages and a mere $50, you'd be crazy not to order this bad boy.Marisa will have a full review coming up after she tears through her copy.
There are a lot of different aspects that make a tattoo good, regardless of what style it is: good line work, good shading, solid color (if that's what you're doing). What's the connection between tattoo art and customizing 50s styled cars and rods?Hmmm, for the Beatniks, this is a club that is 18-years-old and counting, and all of the members are very heavily tattooed. The clothing line was created by two designers from Russia--now living in Brooklyn--who are inspired by the tattoos from the 40s through the 70s found on prisoners in their homeland. Hand tattooing was ever-present, which was best considering the downpour on Saturday making electric tattooing in the main tent troublesome.
There are also close-ups of the procedure in the video that will make you feel that phantom pain while watching.
And they do so in the coolest of old school and new school ways by offering a paper zine (almost like a tattoo newspaper) with a dynamic blog.

While the clothing designs are largely interpretations of the prison art, some stay true to the original tattoos -- but without the the affiliation with any criminal organization or code. I like to do a lot of biomech and sometimes throw in some expression-filled faces or skulls. The fest felt like a cross between a family reunion and mini-Woodstock (or Glastonbury for my UK homies). In the smaller tattoo yurts, you had Durga from Indonesia (shown above) hand-tapping traditional Mentawai and Dayak Borneo tattoos. While Myke introduced me formally to Jaime's work, I've seen his photographs of the tattooed online, everywhere from Flickr to Tumblr to Facebook, but sadly without attribution, so when this connection was made, I had an Aha-moment and had to share it with y'all.The more popular tattoo image is the one below of his tattoo artist Hayley Lakeman and her husband.
Bookmark it!You can order the hard copy zine, as well as the digital version, through their online store, which also includes flash, tattoo books, prints, and some nice looking tees.I particularly love the thoughtful tattoo interviews, but also check their section on the meanings behind common tattoo motifs, their growing convention coverage, and sketchbook reviews.
Being the first ones to do it in a shop, it just started out with very humble beginnings and has evolved into what it is today.
As I mentioned in our holiday gift guide, when I first found out about MIR, I dig the stories and history behind the designs offered on their site. It was wonderful to watch and learn, and I'm grateful to him and Janti for letting me hang out.
I told ya I'm weening myself off the word.]The intricate and detailed tattoo designs were created to illustrate just how fine Pilot Extra-Fine ball-pens are. In fact, there's a great article in this latest issue that explores the good and bad of mass-produced sketchbooks sold by tattooists and suppliers. It's a style with obviously no color, using solid black to the lightest shade of gray and everything in between with a person's own skin as contrast. Because some miniature fine line stuff you got to get right up on it to tell what it is while other things you can read from across the room. Across from Durga's tent was Denmark's Colin Dale, who not only tattooed his signature hand-poked Nordic motifs, but also paid homage to Inuit skin sewing on one brave man who was gracious to allow a stream of convention goers come in and out of the tent to gawk in utter fascination. Lars Krutak, our favorite anthropologist and Tattoo Hunter, wrote an article called Tattoos of the Hunter-Gatherers of the Arctic, which examines the ancient art. Jaime's images are distinct, with photography forums discussing his signature look, which is best exemplified on the "retouche" pages of his online portfolio.

It's actually a difficult style to master; a lot of people try to do it, and many people can do it well, but there are a lot of people who can't. It's basically your usual combat game in a fictional city that "plays out the daily conflict between gangs of criminal and enforcers." Yup, nothing new here. Here's a bit from that article:"As a general rule, expert tattoo artists were respected elderly women. Their extensive training as skin seamstresses (parkas, pants, boots, hide boat covers, etc.) facilitated the need for precision when 'stitching the human skin' with tattoos.
So Josh, who seems like a nice enough guy (with a killer body, albeit non-tattooed), wins an online competition to be the walking billboard. Very collaborative friendly too." Check out Dan's digital prints, like the one below, which he has for sale on his site. Dotwork guru Xed Led Head got an early start on Friday night during the pre-party by continuing a facial tattoo collaboration with Matt Black on fellow blackwork artist Joe Munroe. Tattoo designs were usually made freehand but in some instances a rough outline was first sketched upon the area of application."Read more on skin sewing here.
Online voters then decide his haircut, clothes, and piercing -- all things that can be changed, and so if they left it at that, I'd have no real problem here. BUT they also get to decide what tattoo Josh will get and it's that belittling of the art that makes me wanna (first-person) shoot someone.Of the four meager design choices, the voters chose angel wings. That video is coming up.[**Actually, the pre-party for us really began on the flight over when we met Cammy of Metalurgey in Dundee, Scotland, and his beautiful girlfriend Katie on the plane. It appeared that we were grouped together and segregated from the other passengers, like in-flight detention for the tattooed.

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