Are you really asking for in-depth explanation on how any technical failure or dysfunction of this technology will translate into doubt and possibly break-ups? A little bit racy this post, but if you were able to handle the Condom Word Play frivolities, you’ll enjoy this one.
The bra contains a sensor which measures the woman’s heart rate and sends that information via Bluetooth to a special device to be analysed. But what about other forms of excitement such as fear or nervousness that cause heart pounding similar to that of being ‘in love’?
A companion smartphone app monitors all variables and wirelessly unhooks the bra if it detects the real deal.
Knowing, the, quote smart phone, with the so called smart app, it is likely, to drop a digit or jump a digit and, unhook the bra for every shmart phone within a radius of a county mile. The creators explained that when a person falls in love they feel an instant boost in excitement that is unlike any other feeling. While the idea of such a contraption is definitely intriguing, my Women’s Radar sees potential for huge embarrassment and awkwardness.

This handout picture released by Japan's lingerie maker Ravijour on January 23, 2014 shows a high-tech bra "True Love Tester" equipped with a special mechanical hook on its center in Tokyo. In a long-awaited fusion between hot-blooded hormones and cold-headed engineering, a Japanese lingerie company has produced a bra they claim will only unlock when the wearer is really in love. If the app determines the woman's feelings are for real, the clasp at the front pops open to allow matters between lovers to take their course.
The bra is a gimmick by lingerie brand Ravijour, which says it is not for sale, but forms part of a publicity campaign for the marque's 10th anniversary. In a promotional video, viewers are shown how the glittering gold lame bra conceals sensors placed inside the cup, which send wireless signals to a smartphone.
The app studies the heart's changing pattern and the duration of the change, which the makers say will allow it to distinguish between activities as diverse as jogging and flirting, where a woman's requirements of her bra are quite distinct. In a promotional video clip, a toned model stands in a dimly lit studio wearing only her underwear, which keeps the insistent alpha male at bay because he cannot unhook the clasp. The sensors also keep track of the secretion of a certain hormone called Catecholamine, which apparently is secreted only when a women is truly in love.

Most of it is in English, but there is some good intermediate-advanced level Japanese conversation with subtitles at the end. The True Love Tester works similarly to a modern chastity belt – If your heart rate exceeds a certain value, the bra will unlock and welcome the passion that follows. Aside from the fare of innovative consumer electronic products, the reader can expect to find news about geek culture, absurd inventions, awe inspiring technology, and an ever growing assortment of articles that we like to think fit within our view of what we’re calling the Geek Lifestyle. Women always seek true love, so I think this bra is really there for women all over the world. Depending on the analysis, the bra’s front hook will either releases automatically or lock up.

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