When designing large websites, one thing that frustrates web designers the most is building the gigantic navigation menus. And worst of all, whenever the client asks you to add a new page to the website or change the appeal, you have to go in and restructure and code the menu all over again. Mega Menu is a web design trend that started off a few years ago which quickly catch on as a great solution to designing scaleable and customizable menus that can grow along with large websites.
As you can imagine, coding such a menu is not going to be an easy task, but if you’re using Bootstrap, there’s a way to get around that problem using JavaScript plugins. You can also customize the color schemes of the MegaNavbar using its LESS and Sass files and even choose different icons with the Font Awesome icons pack. This mega menu is a great option for online stores as it comes with a built-in carousel in the menu, which can be a great way to feature specific products or categories. It’s also neatly organized and has an opt-in box for the visitors to subscribe for your email newsletters.

This is not just another mega menu with a ton of space for links, Web Slide is more than that. The Web Slide menu has been built with Bootstrap’s grid system, making it super easy for you to customize the menu and add new submenus, dropdowns, images, or links. This is a mega dropdown menu that supports both links, icons, and pictures to be arranged in a stylish vertical design.
Similar to the Amazon mega menu, this one is also aligned left side, giving more space for the menu to expand further for easy browsing.
This is a mega menu with a different approach, instead of appearing on top, this menu sticks to the bottom of the page.
It may not sound like the best place to feature the main menu, but you could maybe use it to feature a secondary menu, like related content or products. StickyFooterNav is fully responsive and comes in three versions of dropdowns (or "drop-up" in this case): fixed width, mega and full browser width.

Disclosure: some of the links on this site contain affiliate code so we may been paid compensation if you go on to buy a theme or product from the related marketplaces. Prices, sale counts & item details are subject to change and may not to 100% up-to-date. Look how this mammoth menu makes it easier for you to browse the entire website from a single place to quickly find what you want. This menu supports Bootstrap 3 or better and allows you to literally create unlimited dropdown menus.
With a few simple adjustments, you could easily customize this menu to be activated on hover, add a carousel, or even feature some images.

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