Koni Lui has continued to make fashion headlines since wearing her plunging red dress at the 2010 Mr. Samantha Ko looked like a Greek goddess and soon-to-be bride, Skye Chan, looked lovely in this Salmon sequined dress. Fala Chen decided to keep her sexiness under wraps at the TVB Sales Presentation and save it for the Anniversary and Awards ceremonies instead. Normally, I am a fan of corset dresses, but the shiny taffeta fabric in Queenie Chu’s dress reminds me of a big curtain!
Either they look understated or overboard, make up all wrong, or hair all wrong, even with expensive dress not glamarous enough, all fashion is horrible in some ways. Budget and lack of designer endorsement is a big reason why the actresses wore the dresses they did. Sporting a military-inspired jacket, Moses surprisingly looked great unshaven with some facial hair.

Michael Tse appeared trendy, but underdressed while Grace Wong “padded up” for the occasion.
Bernice looks pregnant, Moses looks like Bernice did something to him prior to the show, Fala looks ok but too understated, where is the glamour? I guess the stars decide themselves what to wear, without the help of professional stylists and make-up artists. Despite the bling, the jewelry designs were quite over-the-top and do not match with the gowns necessarily. From now until the TVB Anniversary Awards, expect nothing but dazzling jewels, plunging necklines, and the best eye candy! Nancy Wu’s dress was cut out strategically, but the S & M influence was a little too much.
Kenneth Ma sported a laughable perm and disappointing wardrobe choice, while Kevin Cheng found new love in hats due to his skinhead hairstyle.

The dress is passable, but pairing it with the gold belt and black fishnet stockings made it look cheap. It seems the big thing is the jewelry they wear but the fashion is the focus and none of the jewelry compliment the fashion.
Tavia Yeung’s dress was nice, but the headband and hairstyle made her appear to step out from the 1960s. Tavia looks good, unfortunately the belt should go higher and the headband should be banned and replaced with something dangling on her hair.

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