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If you have been listening to mixtapes as long as I have, then it doesnt bother you when you hear the DJ of the mixtape yelling all over it. Tech N9ne confirms Serj Tankian of System of a Down for “Something Else” album! Notice: Unless stated otherwise, the graphical resources uploaded to this site are NOT for commercial use. Did a tank lift, and made a custom mount for the ignition, but can't seem to find any places that I can buy the ends of the ignition wires. Do a search on here (or ebay) as there is an ebay seller that sells a lot of the HD wire colors if you want to have them match.
First, do not use a crimper unless you are going into a high quality connector like AMP, Molex, etc etc. As far as spark plugs just take the end off the stock plugs and crimp them onto the new wires?

More Info: Boondox was signed to Psychopathic Records in early 2006, a couple of months after AMB recieved a record deal.
More Info: Zug Izland is the result of a little rock project that Violent J had been contimplating for quite some time. After years of torturing Juggalos worlwide with clips of what the SoopaVillianz are capable of doing together, the finally released their debut CD in the summer of 2005.
Originally the name that ICP used back in the days whenever they were with their old time homie Billy Bill, Triple Threat now resurfaces as a name for a rap group.
If you're looking for domestic and imported reissued music CDs, vinyl records, limited edition box sets, music DVDs, and related merchandise, we're the music store you've been searching for. Personally I loved Abomanationz and consider it one of their best albums if not their best album yet, but I wonder if it will sound like that or more like how they use to sound when they were a little more wicked talking about back in the day when they first came out. Additionally, we buy vinyl LPs in order to carry a selection of high-end and rare used vinyl records in our retail store. Another said to use a crimper and I'm not sure what these connectors are called that I get from work.

Please let me know how this project goes and if you could post pictures that would be great.
Bones (Jamie Madrox of Twiztid) from House of Krazees helped with the cover art of this album. Jaymo changed his name once again taking up the alias of Anybody Killa, and began touring with ICP and Twiztid in 2001. Boondox is to music what 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'The Hills Have Eyes', 'The Devils Rejects' and 'Wrong Turn' are to movies. That back woods, country, crazy, hillbilly shit is straight up scary!" He was a well known underground rapper in his hometown of Covington. With accapella intro and outro tracks, and a bloody red album cover, AMB made this record the way they thought it would be best, regardless of any critic or industry entity’s point of view.

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