Nikolaev women, Kherson girls and Ukrainian women and brides of the Ukraine want to find and meet a mate. If you are perplexed about which city to visit, the multiple city tour is your perfect solution.
The schedule of the tour has been cleverly designed in such a way so that you can attend the Socials in different cities.
If you really want to find a life partner and you are also interested in exploring different cities, this tour is the ideal thing for you. Plenty of men throughout the world dreams of marrying a Ukrainian woman because she is so beautiful and loving. No matter which website you visit, inevitably you are going to see the claims - We are the best, the biggest, the greatest!
There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a company to assist you on one of the most important searches of your life. Before deciding, always conduct some type of independent research of the company; call past tour clients, check their reputation on the web using forums or news groups, ask friends, check with the Better Business Bureau. Ongoing one-on-one personal introductions to the 1,000's of featured women who are profiled on the Internet and in the color catalogs contained in each of our tour city offices.
The fully catered, invitation only, large Socials** - Different women attending each Social! Receipt of the master list of women who will be attending the Socials prior to the Social, so you can focus on the women you are interested in.
EXPERIENCE - A Foreign Affair was the first full-service International Introduction agency on the Internet, since 1995!
Our hard work and dedication to customer service, has earned us an unparalleled reputation for honesty, expertise, and professionalism. BEFORE YOU GO - A Foreign Affair offers the most pre-tour services and assistance in the industry! Access up to 100 addresses, of women you are interested in, prior to going over, free of charge! Fiancee Visa Kit, containing 95 pages of information and advice written by Immigration Attorney Ms. ACCOMMODATIONS - No other Romance Tour company compares in overall quality of guest accommodations! THE SOCIALS - A Foreign Affair's Socials have earned the reputation of being the best in the industry among both men and the foreign women.

You receive a master list of the women who have been personally called twice and confirmed for the Social. HOSPITALITY SERVICE - A Foreign Affair is the only company to operate full time offices in all of its tour cities, normally right in your hotel, providing you with a much higher standard of service during your tour! Staff that will call and set up as many dates as you like, just submit a list and schedule and let them fill it for you! Excellent logistical support: reservations, tickets, anything you need, our staff will assist you in obtaining it! AFTER YOUR TOUR - We are available for on-going advice and support after your tour has finished, from both the tour-city office and our corporate US-based office. Due to our fully staffed offices you can extend your stay after the tour leaves, or re-visit the city on your own, and still have the same great support that you enjoyed while the tour was there. For a limited time A Foreign Affair is offering a free tour video to those who wish to learn more about our Romance Tours.
Saturday July 9th 2016, and Newark, New Jersey Sunday July 10th Seminar only tour discounts, meet Dating Expert Bud Patterson, past successful tour clients, and many more!
You will find our Poltava Marriage Agency Services to a formidable contributor of quality profiles appearing each week on the website.
We hope you can join us this year for this fantastic opportunity to enjoy a splendid city at no extra charge and meet really beautiful Poltava women who live there. Free $100 Express Mail credit, to enhance your correspondence opportunities prior to your trip. Host John Adams is joined in studio by tour client and Current Law Enforcement officer "Joe" and others for a review of the tour. The multiple city tours organized by Ukrainian Marriage ToursĀ are designed in such a way that you can meet plenty of single women along with exploring some beautiful cities.
You can experience three to four magical cities and meet the stunning women inhabiting these cities at the same time. You can explore the beautiful cities in Ukraine such as Kiev, Kharkov, Sumy, Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson.
Attending the Socials in different cities would ensure that you would be able to meet plenty of beautiful women. The facilities of this tour include airfare to different cities from New York, airport pick up to hotels and again pick up from hotels to the airports, accommodation at a 4 star hotel in every city, a guided tour, as many as 12 socials, daily breakfast, plenty of personal introductions, interpreters and great hospitality. Therefore this multiple city tour of Ukraine is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your dream girl.

Be confident that what they are telling you is actually true, and actually what you will receive! You will also be escorted to your tour city by at least one of our friendly American representatives. Choose one private personal interpreter to use exclusively or use multiple interpreters - you decide. We have assisted thousands of men and women in their search for their special someone, via both group and individual tours. You are encouraged to speak to as many different women as possible, as most men will eventually marry someone they never wrote to or invited to the socials. Thursday for the live webcast, (special time 8:30 PM Eastern Time) Participation is easy and FREE (normal long distance charges will apply).
We are constantly improving our video and our latest one provides you with an excellent visual description of what the tour is really all about.
Poltava has contributed some of the best Socials our company has ever had the privilege to host. We are experienced for providing a gift and flowers delivery service to more than 100 cities all over the world.
This tour will let you explore some magnificent cities and at the same time, you may meet your life partner. All the principals of A Foreign Affair, as well as many of their employees, have met and married their foreign wives with the assistance of A Foreign Affair.
In order obtain your free tour video, simply give us a call at (602) 553-8178 and ask for Steve, Fred, Ron or John, we will be happy to assist you.
You will meet more beautiful, qualified women in one week with us, than you could in 5 years on your own.
The women who join our service are required to complete an application and are personally interviewed by our staff.

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