For some reasons, some websites are blocked, unless you use proxy server you can aecces the blocked websites like myspace,facebook,hi5 etc. Find proxy servers is easy, but most of them are tooooo many ads on the sites or toooooo slow and unstable!
The UltraVPN is a French VPN client that hides your connection from unwanted ears and allows you to use blocked application. To use UltraVPN, you need to right click on a traybar icon (on the bottom right of your screen) that looks like a computer with a red screen. A Free VPN client can be used in cases when you want to access a blocked website from your office or when you’re on the move. Websites such as Pandora, Google Music, iTunes Match from Apple and many more services need you to be in a specific country to be able to access them. A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization’s network. In simple words, a VPN client assigns you the IP of their VPN server that is located in their area, thus giving you a whole different IP address and authentication. Another VPN client, which also requires you to create a free account so that you can use their services. Those are the best free VPN clients that I would recommend you to use, if you were looking for a way to access blocked websites and are afraid of using the proxy websites.
Once done, login with your account and move the left hand side knob to turn TunnelBear VPN service ON. Once you have turned the connection On and selected a country, you can start accessing location restricted websites. If you really like TunnelBear, you can also acquire the paid version for $4.99 a month with unlimited bandwidth.

During our testing, the blocked websites were accessed successfully from Asia without experiencing any streaming lag. TunnelBear is cross-platform application and works with both Windows and Mac. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Of course, there are proxy websites that can take care of that, but most of them are unreliable. HotSpot Shield is one of the most famous free VPN clients available for your browsing pleasure. Free to download and use, works with most blocked websites and you can also watch your favorite shows on Hulu with this. Download the client for Windows from over here and then create an account here for your username and password. It’s no big deal, of course, and will only take about 5 minutes to get everything done. In case you do not have one, you can select the “I don’t have a TunnedBear account” option and sign up. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
But, there’s this fear of losing your data since most of the free proxies are public and not very well secured.
You will need to create a Free VPN account to get a username and password to access the OpenVPN network. After you get your username and password, you can use it to log in to the client and get your own IP assigned. There are many paid services which provide VPN and proxy services to access restricted websites like Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc., from anywhere.

The free version provides 128-bit data encryption, whereas, the paid version provides 256-bit data encryption, both of which ensure a secure connection. Hope, that kind of helped you in understanding how the VPN works in unblocking certain websites!
However, seldom do we come across free applications which have the potential of bypassing restrictions imposed by location restricted websites. The options include both US and UK based network credentials to allow users to bypass those websites which are only for US, UK or European users; you can move the knob to US or UK to acquire a IP from these respective countries. This VPN service, like most VPNs take sufficient bandwidth coupled with moderate CPU and GPU processing. I found the service so easy to use and trouble free I upgraded to one year of service ?? Thank you TunnelBear!
You don’t need a proxy, just install the software on your computer and browse any website you want. You can configure proxy settings as well and get access to most of the blocked websites using UltraVPN.
TunnelBear is a VPN application which gives US and UK based IPs to allow direct access to popular location restricted websites, without causing any streaming hiccups. When you use TunnelBear, your network traffic is routed through the Tunnel Bear VPN to disguise your actual location.
Using TunnelBear, we were easily able to access location restricted websites like Hulu, Spotify and Pandora.

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