But this film was rescued by several very important criteria: good and witty scenario, good realization of this scenario, charisma of heroes, excellent producing and non-trivial story.
Fantasy of such films creators goes not far, but the writers of this film scenario thought out a lot of excellent actions in the way of two protagonists. An architect is in the desperate situation and that is why he agrees, and it becomes probably the biggest error in his life. Huge plus is deserved by operatora€™s work and soundtrack, including such compositions as Wolfmother, Band of Horses, Rod Stewart, which made pleasant and interesting atmosphere. There is no hint at thinking about life; there are only jokes and situations, which are seemed, to distress only.
A film turned out really funny, thus a humor is high-quality enough and has higher level than the most of comedies. As a result wea€™ve got one of the best comedies of this fall, so it is recommended for people, who love to have fun. ??heri-Movies welcomes you to our greatest gallery of bestselling movies of all types and kinds. This is a movie I was prepared to like because Robert Downey is an excellent actor and Zack G has proved to be a weird character who can be very funny in the right film. Zack G's character is just too bizarre to be credible, but at least you know where they are going with him. I suppose it didn't help that the theater was packed with very young children who had no business going to this movie. Perhaps the most memorable line in the movie was Downey proclaiming that he had never done drugs in his life. As Steve Martin, John Candy, and Jack Lemmon proved, superior comedy and deeper laughs come from brilliant acting and comic timing. The critics are being pretty harsh on this film, and yet they give high praise to such films like Role Models and Get Him to the Greek, so go figure. Peter(Robert Downey Jr) an architect looking to get home to his pregnant wife(Michelle Monaghan) who is expecting in a week. A lot of people said this is a Plane,Trains and Automobiles ripoff, but you know what who cares.

There had been in my humble opinion a major lack of entertaining and good comedies in the film market, but then out of the blue I stumbled upon The Hangover. An actor appears quite not adapted to life dude, who always blunts by unbelievable case and exposes to danger his and other lives. By the way, it makes happy for a while too, that he does not forget other genres except blockbusters, he is shot in the films of other genres. There is a plus that most of comedies make laugh by dialogs in general, and here even action is funny. In Atlanta on business, straight-laced and overly analytical architect Peter Highman is flying home to Los Angeles and his wife Sarah for the imminent birth of their first child. This story has been done before, and with much better effect, in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The very crude language, extensive drug imagery, and graphic masturbation scenes, while funny for adults, were grossly inappropriate for 5-12 year olds in the crowd. If you have to resort to endless gutter language, potty humor, and masturbating canines, you have already lost the game before it starts. But I had a lot fun with Due Date, It was a fun slapstick misadventure, almost what we loved about The Hangover, so it is clear to say I don't agree with the critics on this one. And when he gets on a plane, he quickly gets kicked off, when he gets into an unfortunate incident with Ethan(Zach Galifianakis) a pot smoking moron, and wanna be actor, who is obsessed with the show Two and a Half Men. I honestly feel like I don't have words to describe it as well as it deserves, but I gave it my best shot and I hope you've got the message! And certainly the most interesting is that these stories border between fantasy of unreality of these situations, and that is very difficult to believe, it borders with realism. The A first one plays a serious architect who is late for the birth of his first-born, and the second one a€” slowwitted guy, who considers that he is a great actor and goes to conquer Hollywood, transporting a suitcase with stuff, bow-legged dog and ashes of his father in coffee tin. They get caught in different troubles, balancing on the thin verge between death, prison, and only God knows where during, practically, all the film.
Both actors have fun in the film extremely and provide with portion of funny gibberish every time. Marvelous actor playing and competent shooting make to split sides with laughing from common moments, such as escape from cops in their car.

The two movies have a very similar story arc, but in the one case you have two very funny men playing actual mature adults who have differing personalities, and in the other you have two men who are immature imbeciles with differing personalities.
Just a few seconds into the film I started smiling and laughing, and they kept on pushing it, and I think there wasn't one single dull nor boring sequence throughout the whole movie. An architect looses his things, money and documents as the fates decree and a beginning movie star offers him to go with him. Peter, who ends up without money or his suitcase, is forced to accept Ethan’s offer of a shared car ride to Los Angeles, Ethan who is looking for his big acting break. Like The Hangover it is one entertaining misadventure, I say don't listen to the critics, see this movie and form your own opinion.
The reason why I'm telling you this is because watching Due Date gave me the exact same amazing comedy experience as The Hangover, and that speaks for it self!
This is in stark contrast to the frustrated everyman played by Steve Martin in P,T,&A - a person every traveler (stuck next to an obnoxious slob) understands implicitly. Although it is against Peters better judgment, but feeling there is no other way, he goes with him. Another example of such a role being done to perfection is Jack Lemmon in The Out of Towners.
Will Peter make it on time for his child's birth, or will Ethan drive him nuts during this?
The questions become whether they will survive the trip together, and if so if Peter will make it home in time to witness the birth of his and Sarah’s first child. He can play the most boring role, but he will play it brilliant and in an extremely funny way.

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