During the duration of a project you first generate ideas, then you work towards a final solution.
In general, creativity techniques focus on two different issues: They either try to generate as many ideas as possible, or they attempt to select which ideas are better than others - and which idea is ultimately the best.
Trying to generate as many ideas as possible often makes it difficult to alter your train of focus. Association is a very obvious technique for generating ideas; you use one idea as inspiration for the next. Try to keep the group small (between six and eight people is usually optimum, eventually split in two groups if you're with too many people). Choose the brainstorm leader who will enforce the rules, report during the brainstorm and keeps an eye on the time limit. The evaluation of ideas starts after the idea generation; this should occur within the same group. If you enjoy this method, I highly suggest keeping lists of trends, colors, tools, websites which inspire you and so on.
This isn't a real conscious process, but you'll notice quickly enough when inspiration strikes because of something you've seen or heard in your daily life. The selection of a small amount of abstract concepts behind a group of ideas is easier than comparing idea by idea. The merging of different ideas to achieve the final solution is often the most difficult way to trim the amount of ideas.
It's also perfectly possible to combine different elements from one idea into a single idea. When you are in a group and you have to figure out which idea is the best, you're going to have a difficult time if you don't have any method to make the selection process fair. In group, a democratic voting system is preferred, even though discussion is necessary to help everyone understand why a given idea is better. Everyone has a different opinion and view, but in general a democratic voting system works out the best.
What's important to understand is that this method gives a general idea of what the audience wants.
It's better to wait with the NAR-method until you've selected a couple of ideas using the methods listed above. This method is also great for analyzing which ideas are, for example, very innovative (high score on new) but where you're perhaps missing resources to make it happen (low score on realizable). In general, creativity techniques are a process which will become part of your subconscious. If a website has a stunning look than such social media icons are needed that may compliment the theme and background of the website. I always liked to draw in Illustrator and for this reason I decided to create this new column. Lets start with a set of vector resources dedicated to the world of web design and graphic design.
In other words, the longer this process takes, the more we start recycling the same ideas over and over again. By having a lot of ideas, there will be many ideas which are bad or impractical, but there'll also be ideas between them which are excellent.

Scrapping a bunch of ideas is usually pretty straight-forward - and more often than not you'll end up with a condensed collection of good ideas. The risk of association is that you end up recycling the same concepts over and over again. Equally, if you are in a group and need to come up with a creative solution for a problem together, then a brainstorm is often the best method.
Attribute listing is usually a creativity method specific for design and consists of making a list of the problem's characteristics.
If your ideas have certain familiar characteristics then you can combine them into one group.
Once you've made a selection, you look at the different ideas within that group and make the abstract concept more concrete. Fortunately, it's also usually the best solution if you are able to combine different possible solutions.
The challenging part of merging ideas is that you usually have to redefine an idea's characteristics and combine those - it can be pretty challenging to find which the best combinations are. I personally like the following system: All ideas are written down on sticky notes and stuck to a wall.
It's preferable to have a discussion on the two or three ideas with the most votes to understand their positive and negative aspects.
Very simply, each idea receives a score out of ten for the following characteristics: new, attractive and realizable. This isn't necessarily bad news; it's an idea you can hold on to and use at a later date when you have the actual resources. However, if you're completely new to creativity and need some help with defining how and what, our diamond metaphor could give you a great start for learning some techniques to help you with your upcoming project. Today I designed 40 free shaded social media icons that can be used in either dark or light background websites.
Ideal to showcase your apps design with a choice of three iPhone 5S colors including black, white and gold.
This scalable vector shape iPhone 5C psd uses smart layers to let you drag and drop your design easily.
In addition I provide all my work vector - icons, shapes, patterns, resources - that you can download and use for your works of graphic or web design.
This is why, when generating ideas, it's important to have a wide perspective, as this will make this process easier. The challenge is then in figuring out which of the remaining is the best solution for the problem at hand. In general it's advisable to use the association technique during the very start of your project, as it's a quick method to gain a fairly amount of ideas.
The great thing about brainstorming in a group is that everyone has a different point of view, so there's a far less risk that you'll keep recycling the same ideas over and over again. Sadly enough, an individual brainstorm won't be as efficient or interesting as one in group. Whenever you open it, it can help you with finding solutions, or at least break the creative block when you have no ideas at all anymore. That's the general idea: don't just look, also see and it can be a source of inspiration for you.

There are three methods to decrease the amount of ideas you have by grouping them together.
This way you'll end up with a small number of tangible idea-groups and one rest group (comprising ideas that fit nowhere).
The first choice may not always be the best, so this is why discussion in a group is quite important. The idea is that you analyze every idea on each individual characteristic, instead of counting them together. My intention is to bring every product I touch to the next level, for both users and businesses. I simply provide you with a better look of a giant iconset I discharged available at graphicriver?s marketplace. An important key issue to understand is that creativity techniques are not magic tools to increase your creativity as skill. Keep this mind-map with you throughout the whole project (if it's a whiteboard, take a photo).
Besides, you add your own lists which you believe are relevant (such as a list of current web design trends, design styles, your favorite colors, etc.) The challenge is to question the different characteristics of the problem and try to combine them with items on your list. Rather, they act as guides to help you find possible creative solutions for the problem you're up against. It's always great to be able to look back at it when you encounter creative block, plus you can gain inspiration from it. This can give unusual, yet interesting links such as attempting a new design style for a corporate identity. The beautiful thing about this method is that you can choose to either support one idea with all your stickers or spread them over multiple ideas you prefer.
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This is a great opportunity to both have a small brainstorm regarding each other's problems. It's a matter of observing the world around you in such a way that you can draw inspiration from it. The icons are created in 114?114 sizes with the main focus for iPhone 5, but these can easily be resized and used for other mobile devices or for web.
Short but productive brainstorms are commercially very interesting, especially for agencies, but the connection between business and creativity will be a specific topic later on in the session.
It includes psd buttons, menus, drop-downs, inputs, tooltips, pagination, scrolls, progress bars, tags, radio buttons and check boxes. They grab the attention of more and more viewers and uplift the standard of the blog with their appearance and fresh look.

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