If you work for a company that wants to create a website and you're not sure where to start, this book is for you. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a technology which allows client-side JavaScript to make requests to a server without causing a reload of the current page in the browser. Your opinion is important, it will help future users to overcome the possible model limitations and imperfections. Using AJAX and standard DOM methods, client-side JavaScript can request, receive, and visualize information in the context of a single Web page.

The advantage of AJAX over more traditional Web pages is that they better resemble the behavior of desktop applications, providing enhanced features and usability for the user. The async parameter specifies whether the request should be handled asynchronously or not a€“ true means that script processing carries on after the send() method, without waiting for a response, and false means that the script waits for a response before continuing script processing. Due to what appears to be some fancy javascript employed within the site, straight reverse publishing with link translation results in a non-usable site.
Whilst it is possible to configure individual link translation elements for publishing this website, I found an easier way to get this working.Open IIS Manager on the Operations Manager server.

Locate the current Operations Manager Web Console website and choose to create a new Virtual Directory.

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