TweetWith the rapid growth of the ASEAN region, some successful businesses have emerged to become leaders in their industries. At the age of Internet, a strong brand has become critical advantage for many businesses that desire to grow needs to reach new customers and ensure their loyalty. These five companies and the brand that capture their souls are some of the most well-known and successful from ASEAN. BreadTalk is a Singaporean bakery company that now also operates in several countries of Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and in China. The brand’s success is widely relying upon its original and modern approach to baking, shop design and customer service. Banyan Tree is a global hospitality brand based in Singapore that develops and manages resorts, hotels and spas. Banyan Tree has become a globally recognized brand for luxury and refined relaxation holidays in some of the world most sought-after locations.
MK is a chain of restaurants from Thailand that operates more than 400 restaurants in the country.
The first chain in Thailand to get equipped with electronic suki pots, MK strives to provide a better and safer customer experience.

Royal Selangor produces and distributes home and decoration objects primarily made of pewter, an alloy of tin, antimony and copper. The company has opened stores in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, America and Europe; they present its finest creations in an atmosphere of elegance that is transmitted throughout the attributes of the Royal Selangor brand. Whether they evolve in new or traditional industries these five world conquering companies have succeeded through their emphasis on customer experience and embodied their values in a strong brand. Building a strong brand is a powerful tool towards that goal; here are five exmaples of succesful brands from Southeast Asia.
They have come to reach a large number of customers in their home country, across the region and beyond thanks to innovation and a modern approach to branding that consistently emphasizes their core qualities and values. Founded in 1993 as a traditional airline, the initially failing AirAsia was bought by Tony Fernandes, a strong supporter of regional integration.
Not only has BreadTalk’s strategy and adaptability allowed it to quickly expand abroad but also through a portfolio of several other retailing brands that are managed directly or in partnership with companies across Southeast Asia.
A pioneer in pool villas and garden spas that created its first hotel in Phuket, Thailand, the company has since expanded in Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East and created new brands for recreational activities, notably golf, and holiday apartments.
Its marketing particularly emphasize the serenity and pleasure expected from newly married couple going on honeymoon, and the brand delivers a first feeling of the ultimate experience of the beauty and relaxation that its resorts deliver.

Throughout the years, it also opened restaurants in Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia, and now also provides food delivery services. Affordable quality food and a fun eating experience was a recipe for success with the Thai families and young population; it further reinforced this image through a branding strategy emphasizing youth, fun and mouth watering pictures. It success has also allowed it to diversify with two other luxury brands in jewelry and silver. This is our primary goal and mission, which contains of the fair prices, indulgent services, opened mind and friendly as the true Thai way, always sincerely take care and responsive to customer's needs, Moreover, we commit to improve our services on the basis of the fundamental of accuracy, appropriateness and fairness for benefits of our customers. He turned the company around by implementing the low-cost airline model, democratizing the online purchase of plane tickets in Asia.
To further its development, MK became a public listed company in 2013 and got included in the Thai SET50 index of top 50 largest public companies. Do you know of other companies, products or services that also deserve to be shown as example for branding in the region?

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