The skills are relevant to a range of areas under the umbrella of building and construction including unroofed construction, demolition, rail and road works, utilities construction, landscape construction and structural engineering.
The first, an alloy-bodied tipper built for aggregates work, was delivered last summer; others commissioned since include tipper-grabs and skip-loaders. Owners include the likes of FM Conway, Riney and Cemex, who have all sought to demonstrate a contribution to improving cycle and pedestrian safety by using these vehicles.The low-entry Econic has a deep, panoramic windscreen, fully-glazed kerbside door and a much lower seating position than a traditional construction chassis.

The driver therefore benefits from a significantly improved field of vision, and finds it much easier to see and make direct eye contact with other road users, including particularly vulnerable bicycle riders.Travis Perkins has three Econics to date. It operates from a depot in Canning Town, delivering heavy construction and civil engineering products across the capital.  The company’s first two Econics are also 26-tonners and work for its CCF business – one is based at Canning Town, the other at Borehamwood, in Hertfordshire.
As a result they are ideally tailored to deal with the challenging conditions they face in daily service.

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