Create an interactive diagram of our solar system that provides key points of interest about the solar system. Your interactive diagram will show an illustration of the solar system that YOU draw (no web illustration downloads or clip art is acceptable). With each Flash movie you post, you must create a corresponding link to the original Flash file that I can download for evaluation.
You must find 5 key points about each planet in the solar system and the sun must be researched. You must illustrate a professional quality image of the soloar system in Adobe Illustrator for use in this project. You may use web imagery to help you sketch but the final illustration must be drawn by you. STUDENTS WHO USE CLIP ART OR OTHER IMAGERY THAT IS NOT THEIR OWN WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC ZERO FOR THE PROJECT.

Assignments not 100% ready for to turn in, lest extraordinary circumstances or extreme illness (doctor’s note required) warrant an extension.
Final submissions of any whole project deemed late will not be graded and will result in the student receiving a zero for the project and an F as an overall grade for the course. Text Message MarketingYou might be missing out on the single most efficient way of communicating to your customers.
Feature RichAction Marketing's suite of products are fully hosted and designed to give you maximum control over your site, reach as many customers as possible, and track your performance. Our PortfolioAll of our websites are designed and built using the latest technology available and to meet or exceed your graphical standards. Contact UsTo arrange a web demonstration, obtain pricing, or to speak with one of our representatives.
Action Golf Marketing (AGM) is a full service Digital Media Company, that specializes in servicing golf courses of all types.

When we polled our customers 84% said that email marketing campaigns to their customer base had the highest return of investment over every other form of marketing they did.  If you email marketing isn’t part of your marketing strategy for the upcoming golf season you are really missing out.
About Action Golf MarketingAction Golf Marketing (AGM) is a division of Action Marketing Solutions, a full service Digital Media Company, that specializes in servicing golf courses of all types. Preliminary research, writing, sketching, illustration and Flash design are required to complete this project. Type this information in a Word document and email this to me or post on your class website.

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