Our staff, have many years of experience of handling a variety of boats (please see the biographies below), so whether you intend to work on a community boat or merely to gain grounding in boating skills and canal etiquette, the Pirate Castle is the place to come. Our courses are generally run over weekends throughout the year, although can be provided at other times by arrangement. If you want the training to be run on your own boats this may be possible provided they meet the NCBA criteria.
The Certificate in Community Boat Management is designed for those people who work with a variety of groups on the inland waterways. The course draws on current best practice as supplied by the member organisations of the NCBA, operating a wide variety of craft for use by community groups, often made up of disabled and disadvantaged people. The aims of the course are to give crew of community boats on non-tidal rivers and canals training in boat handling, boat maintenance and the management of group safety and welfare.
The Community Crew Course is a foundation course, designed to build the levels of skills and experience needed to crew a community boat.
The course will provide you with all the skills and knowledge needed to act as crew on a community boat. You can take as little or as much time as you need to complete the course depending on your previous experience and aptitude.
The Boat Handling Course is designed primarily for those who own their own boats or those who are contemplating a boating holiday. The Pirate Castle also offers Boat Handling Experience Days covering the same skills as the BHC, but in a more informal setting. If people are training for the purpose of becoming volunteer skippers for The Pirate Castle then some or all of this may be subsidised (you will always have to at least pay the certification and paperwork costs yourself) We have to ensure that we take on volunteers who are committed to helping us provide our services.
Outside groups that wish to do an NCBA training course at the Pirate Castle should ring Andrew Carpenter on 0207 267 6605 to discuss their requirements and obtain a price. The Pirate Castle is a registered charity and relies on the generousity of our friends and supporters. This web design course is for you if you are interested in creating or maintaining website for yourself or for others.. Create you own website or online shop without getting into programming, using WordPress and osCommerce..

This SEO training course will teach you all the required techniques to effectively market your website. Learn from jQuery developers, how to use jQuery and Javascript to build interactive websites. Ajax course explains how to use Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to create interactive web pages. MCTS Microsoft SQL Server 2005-Implementation and Maintenance certification training course. The Registrar's office has up to date scheduling information for all University of Chicago graduate and undergraduate courses.
Address: Office#11, 2nd Floor, Wilayat Plaza, Near Waris Khan Police Station, Main Murree Road, Rawalpindi. Contact your instructor via Canvas mail or come to the library Reference Desk for assistance.
If you copy and paste underlining or italics from a word processing program like Microsoft Word, make sure to add your italics and underlining back into Canvas as these things will not carry over when copying and pasting into Canvas.
As a founder member of the National Community Boats Association the Pirate Castle has been at the forefront in the creation of national training and licensing to operate community boats. You will be able to stay on our boats overnight during certain courses - mixing with the other people on the course and chatting informally with the trainers is all part of the experience. You might want to have a look around Camden Market or slip into the West End at the end of the day.
We have two trainers on our staff that would be pleased to deliver the course at your own project subject to meeting certain requirements. He became involved in Community Boating at the Pirate Club in 2004 He is very experienced with narrowboats and is a registered trainer for the NCBA. It is endorsed by the Canal and Rivers Trust and supported by the Maritime Coastguard Agency. It represents the minimum recommended level of training to become a community boat skipper (or small passenger vessel skipper).
It is however assumed that you will have some experience of working with groups and have previous practical experience of boating.

The NCBA course can be delivered over a long weekend or spread out over four 5 hour days or longer if required. It will give you the foundation skills to operate a boat safely and efficiently on inland waterways, and is suitable for those with little or no experience, be they young or old, or those who would simply just like to brush up on their boating skills. These training days are also suitable for those contemplating a boating holiday, or those wishing to brush up on their boating skills. When Chrysalis approached us about the site it wasn’t performing as they hoped and set the objective that they needed to increase online course sales.Following a refresh of the online branding, we set to work on creating a fully responsive website design to address issues for mobile users visiting the site.
Below you will find 10 resources that you will use to craft citations in one style of your choosing. He has had wide experience of both wide and narrow craft, and is a registered trainer for both the RYA and the NCBA. The CCBM Course itself is of 20 hours duration and usually run over a long weekend, typically from a Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, including an evening session on the Friday and Saturday. The NCBA certificated course is taken over two days with the maximum number of candidates per course being four, and the minimum age 14.
The non-certificated one day course is available for a maximum of four trainees per course, and a minimum age of 14.
That is enough in itself, but we hope that you will decide to give some time to the cause of community boating. To complement this, we re-vamped the courses section introducing new color schemes and iconography to help make browsing and purchasing more intuitive.
We also encourage our candidates arriving on the first evening to stay on the boat if possible, as this gives everyone a chance to get to know each other socially over the duration of the course. The Pirate Castle is always in need of trained skippers to run trips for the club members and the outside groups that use our boats. Successful candidates will qualify to operate boats carrying a maximum of 12 passengers on the inland waterways of the UK.

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