If you rely on your website analytics alone to make decisions about your website, you are the dog barking at the mailman. If people use your contact options, is it because they’re interested in learning more about your product, or because they don’t understand the basic information your website should be providing? If nobody clicks on one of your offers, if is it because the offer isn’t compelling, or because the design doesn’t make it clear that there is anything to click? Web Design for Dog Kennels & Gun Dog Trainers 3plains offers dog kennel web design, logo design, creative and other internet marketing solutions for dog kennel businesses. Whether you run a dog kennel or a dog training business, our websites are designed to bring dog owners to your business and boost your overall revenue and profitability.
Not only will 3plains create you a great looking website, but we will optimize your dog kennel website for search engines such as Google. Orlando and Central Florida's most trusted franchise development, marketing and web site design professional. It may be business, parenting, doing good, personal growth, general geekery, politics, or anything else that comes to mind. Climbing the search engine ranks is not easy, and it takes some time, but we can get your website to the top pages of the search engines under a popular keyword.
We have a lot of experience building outdoor related websites and we have recently built some dog related sites.

Your analytics can help you determine the performance of other tactics you experiment with off your site.
If you are noticing a consistent downward trend in your traffic or conversions, try something new. You have to know why your users are doing the things they’re doing on your site in order to make good decisions. We look forward to learning more about your business and developing a website that fits all of your needs. If you start using twitter, you should see an increase in the number of referrals from twitter. Look at your participation in social networks to see how you might be able to contribute in a more valuable manner. He thinks it was his barking that did the trick, so the next day he barks some more, and look! It lets you know if your audience is disappearing a bit at a time, or if you’re gaining in popularity. In its most basic form, a usability test is watching someone use your site to complete common tasks to determine how easily those tasks can be completed, and where people might be getting stuck. Lots of businesses are influenced by seasonal, social and political happenings, so don’t forget to ┬átake that into consideration when looking at your site data.

Look at your offline efforts to see if there is an opportunity to better integrate a drive to your website (if it makes sense to do so). It let’s you know if a category of products or services are becoming more or less popular. If you’ve optimized a page for a specific keyword, you should notice an increase in traffic to that page, coming from search engines for that term. It let’s you know where you might want to focus advertising, content, or sales attention. There is a bit to learn about usability testing, but it can be done inexpensively and yield valuable insights.
When you work on a site and know it inside and out, it’s impossible to see it the way a user does.

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