When it comes to the websites, readability goes beyond simply making it easy for the reader to read your content. People often form opinions of a website in a few seconds when simply looking at it for the first time. Now, if we extrapolate this and look at website design, this contrast is needed to make reading easier for your site visitors. By making simple points stand out or highlighting words, you are laying importance on them.
As seen here, the small call-out box popping out of the margin is sure to catch attention and get a few clicks. Hence, keeping these few points in mind, and making the most of the fonts on your website, you should be able to  improve your website design and win people over!
I like the light backgrounds and I like your font style because it is large and very easy to ready quickly. I totally agree with you, there are far too many sites online with poor font choices that make it hard to read.
I wouldn’t recommend any particular font or size for a blog, it all depends on your personal preference. Fancy fonts can be great for logos of things that you want to draw attention to, but your main content should be simple to read. I accede fonts in webdesign should be used wisely whether its font color, margin or highlights should be simply chosen or else it will look crap.. I think lots of people totally forget about and overlook what fonts they use in their site.

Paragraphs, bullet points, headings, sub headings, images, videos and of course clear fonts, all help to make posts easier to read and more appealing to visitors. And in some cases, a bad fonts choice can distort your message and maybe even scare customers away.  Consider this font fail. A simple font change, and people estimated that directions would take around 86 percent longer. Think of what you want when you are surfing the web.  Often fancy intros and busy websites can be distracting when what you really want is information.
You can use fancy fonts on logos or titles, but be consistent and practical when selecting your logo font.
The TechAdvocate Solutions (TAS) full Website Service provides a complete end-to-end solution for website development, hosting, maintenance, and expansion options. In this collection I will showcase some beautiful collection of websites where you can download fantastic free fonts.
Sign Up for our newsletter and get access to a Free download of one of Premium our Wordpress Theme. On the internet, it’s more about getting your content to the right people and making sure they read what you want them to read. Of course navigation, toolbars, sidebars, placing of content and various factors are all important, but fonts help to display your writing in different ways and add charm to your content. If you want the user to make a purchase on your site and you want them to know of a great deal that you are offering – then the best way to convey this would be through simple fonts. So many bloggers just write big blocks of text that probably never gets read because it’s too difficult to skim and find the key points.

One group received directions in a simple Arial font, and the other group received directions in a fancy, or harder to read Brush font. Research has shown that the general reader skims through the majority of text and if your fonts are hard to read, they are going to struggle through it thinking that the content is too difficult to get past.
On the other hand, if you are selling something exquisite and exclusive, using creative and styled fonts is a great idea because it makes the user perceive your product as something that’s hard to get or find.
Our own handwriting styles are often simple and influenced by the way the mind is trained to read.
If you'd like to write for OnlineIncomeTeacher, then check out our write for us page for details about how YOU can share your tips with our readers. It’s all about being scannable, and judicious use of fonts can certainly do the trick! In a special survey, it was noted that people can take up to twice as long (that’s a 100% increase in time!) to read content that is too decorative. Hence, although a cursive style is appreciated and accepted, it’s needed to keep the curves simple and less strenuous on the eyes.
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