One of the great new additions to the Unibet website in recent times is the ability to stream live NBA matches from within their website. Forget those $250 subscriptions for the official NBA Gamepass or the terrible ESPN coverage of only three games a week. You will see a little red arrow next to the Portland Trail Blazers and a green arrow next to the LA Clippers. If you want to bet during the match, simply click the odds and it will load the bet slip on the right side. In fact Unibet offers live streaming of not just basketball, but also other sports including NHL, tennis, soccer and more.

Now you can watch every match of the NBA season live thanks to Unibet and best of all, it is absolutely free! Either follow the big link on the front page of their website (you can't miss it), or select on their sports betting markets and navigate to NBA. You can also bet live during the match and watch the prices fluctuate with every single point.
This means that their odds have fluctuated up or down since the last update (which happens automatically). Unibet also allows you to stream live sports including NHL, Soccer, Tennis and other selected sports throughout the year.

So given the official package from the NHL is worth $300 odd, why pay that when you can get good quality matches live for free just by having an account with Unibet?
You will see a little green TV icon next to each match which you can click and that will launch the feed.

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