Nollywood star actor, Jim Ikye   fell at his feet and started crying as he was delivered from demonic spirits that had prevented him from finding love and getting married. During the deliverance session at TB Joshua’s church, the spirit spoke through him, saying, “it was the cause of his setback and disappointment”. Thank God for your life,everyone is entitle to his or her own option,what matter is how God see you not how man see you. But we have to be careful of what we say about things of God before our comment we leads us to sin. All the press people are very very stupid, jim Iyke only took the mother who was sick to Tb Joshua, for healing. Nollywood Highest Paid Actresses according to a recent research conducted on suggests that speculations that some actresses like Omotola earn N5m per role is not true. An icon in her own world, a screen goddess, queen of Nollywood and the No.1 Nollywood Highest Paid Actress on our list, many describe her as an industry of her own. Is the next Nollywood Highest Paid Actress . She has remained very consistent and has proved time and again that she was born to be a star.
The Enugu star is nicknamed “Mama G’ in Nollywood is our 3rd  Nollywood Highest Paid Actress . Humble and hardworking, she is what one may call the silent millionaire emmerged as the 5th  Nollywood Highest Paid Actress .
Stella Damasus-Aboderin born April 24, 1978 ties up with Rita Dominic, Joke Silver and Ngozi Ezeonu N1m at 6th position of our Nollywood Highest Paid Actress .
The absolutely scandal-free actress in Nollywood has featured in about 70 movies and has raked in millions for herself and family. When many argued whether there would be another star like Genevieve, along came the fierce and hot Mercy Johnson.
Fathia Balogun was born on  February 5 1969 in Ukwara, Water Side Local Government area of Delta State, Nigeria.
Nollywood insiders, stake holders and fans all agree that this has been Uche Jombo’s year, one in which she has razzled and dazzled many with her acting in several movies this year. The Glo ambassador and model, who earned more than N11 million in 2009, seems unstoppable at the moment.
The delectable nollywood Screen goddess, Ruth Kadiri covers the May edition of the Youth most sought after FREE distribution WAVESPLUS Magazine. Aside acting Nollywood actresses are making it big by engaging in other business activities like modeling, advertising and music. The Best AMAA Actress in a Leading Role in 2005, Genevieve Nnaji is arguably the most popular actress in the Nigerian make-believe industry called Nollywood. Ini believes in landed properties and has invested in this area more than any other Nollywood sister.

Many believe the 4th  Nollywood Highest Paid Actress shares the same status with Genevieve Nnaji and together they are the two biggest actresses in Nollywood.
Her first paying job was as a hair-stylist before she did a diploma course in Journalism. The beautiful actress practiced journalism for a short while before joining Nollywood in 1993.
At 10th Position of our Nollywood Highest Paid Actressess, the Oraifite, Anambra State-born star was voted the African Movie Academy Awards’ Best Actress 2007. Due to Faithia’s background, she is multilingual (speaks different languages such as Urhobo, English, Yoruba etc). The year 2010 has seen her dominate the headlines more than any other actor or actress in Nollywood.
She has five buildings to her credit and another one to be completed by the end of the year. Omotola is not your impression of an everyday business woman but what you may call a seasonal investor in whatever she develops a passion for.
Spared by the tabloids’ bashing, the African Movie Academy 2008 Best Actress winner has graced the screen of Nigerian television like an amazon.
She was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2009.
She was given a supporting lead role in her first movie titled ‘Nneka, The Pretty Serpent’. She earned N8 million from movies in 2007 and since then she has been climbing higher and higher. The movie, The Maid, was not enough to woo Nollywood fans to her, but ’19 Mackaulay Street’ revealed her to be the latest Nollywood revelation.
The media pictures her everywhere albiet in a positive light and she has enjoyed media hype like Genevieve Nnaji (2005) and Mercy Johnson (between 2008 and 2009). In September 2009 American mega television talk show host Oprah Winfrey named her one of the 100 most famous people in the world. Although she has not featured in many movies recently, she has always proved that she is always at her best in any movie she acts in.
The screen star who also has an 8-year old daughter, Gabrielle, is a business woman to the core.
She is also by far the highest paid actress per movie and the first to earn a million naira in a single movie.
The actress, model and producer presently has nine landed properties which she either plans to build upon, fence for keeps or lease. Although she often appears classy, she spends wisely on what she wears and only travels abroad for business rather than pleasure. Many argue that the tens of movie scripts that come her way are due to the fact that she’s not a glo ambassador, but the actresses does not see it that way.

Uche on 15 position Nollywood Highest Paid Actressess started to prove her talent in the industry when she co-wrote the block buster movie ‘Games Men Play’ with veteran female producer Emen Isong in 2005.
By 2009 she raised the bar and she was paid $25,000 in the block buster international hit movie IJE produced by Chineze Anyaene.
Five of the landed properties are in Ikotun and Ikorodu areas of Lagos State and the rest in her home state.
A model and also a singer, in 2004 she became the Face of Lux and subsequently was involved with Pronto beverage and omo detergent. She drives more expensive cars than any actress in Nollywood and her garage is estimated to be worth N20 million. The Cross River-born star has her own company which specialises in different businesses but with bias in real estate.
By 2008 Mercy Johnson had appeared in fifteen movies and earned N11.4 million from movies alone. The following year she released her debut album Longolongo in Ghana, which saw her prove her versatility to her adoring fans all over the world.
She currently has three buildings and several landed properties scattered all over the country.
The following year, she earned N13 million and she featured in the Emen Isong hit movie ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Bunny Rebound followed by her own very work and master piece, one that has set Nollywood on fire, which is currently being premiered in the United States.
Her first album ‘Gba’ was her first introduction to the music industry but her sophomore album Me, Myself & Eyes has defined her as truly talented.
She is also an investor in propertie and she also owns about six landed properties in Lagos. The warm and beautiful star is also a model, presently a Glo Ambassador and face of Onga (brand from Promasidor) and has since earned a whopping N20 million between 2008 and 2010. The following year, Omotola was named one of the most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine for their annual TIME 100 list. There is no doubt that she would have been topping this list with a great margin if she eventually got the Glo deal. She became the first to be contacted by Globacom, but she demanded N50 million while globacom wanted to sign her on for N30 million.
She’s reported to have tried later to salvage the deal, but the offer was no longer on the table.

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