Gadgets Direct have over 100 categories and over 10,000 gadgets all with free shipping to any part of the world. There are special offers and customer service is only a click away if you have any questions. About 50 new products are added each day so there should be over 15,000 by the end of the year. All orders are sent via registered post so if anything goes missing you can get it resent or get a refund.

This category is especially for the hobbyist or professional, with lock pick sets, lock pick guns and many other interesting and unusual tools. Also known as flashlights, these high powered torches have multiple battery configurations.
There are peelers, stainless steel soap and other gadgets to make work in the kitchen that little easier. With free shipping and every items sent insured there is no need to shop elsewhere for your gadgets needs.

There are also UV torches which are great for CSI work at home or finding UV rocks in the bush.

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