The website will be a free listings website, allowing users to post as a Contributor or a Recipient on the premise of 'One Persons Junk is Another Persons Treasure'.
Items listed by Contributors will be unwanted furniture, electrical goods, clothing, toiletries and non perishable food items with free delivery via courier to the Recipients local post office or to their home address.
Ongoing, I plan to continue to raise funds to cover costs by way of on-site advertising and further donations - any profits made will go back into the website to ensure growth and that users continue to get the best out of the service.
A close look at the nutrition facts and ingedients of brand foods and generic food items reveals close similarities. If you already perused our food prices comparison charts, you may have wondered: where are the brand name products? Indeed, big names of the food industry such as Kellogg’s, Heinz, Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry’s, Tropicana, Barilla, Wonder Bread, McCormick and what have we not are only scarcely represented in our grocery price comparison. First of all, this website was designed to help you, the consumer, find the best deals on grocery items when sold at regular prices. With this very specific information you won’t have to fight through coupons every week anymore or mark your calendar for those few days your favorite product happens to be on sale.
Consequently, many of the items we chose for our comparison are good quality foods that are priced reasonably at all times.

After all, just because a brand sells their product for less through this type of venue, it does not mean they don’t make a profit. Since the name on the package is not the brand name, producers can protect the brand name and continue selling it at higher prices. And even if a store brand is based on a separate formulation, the quality of store brand label recipes can most often compete with the brand name. This chart compares the nutrition facts and ingredients of three ketchups, namely Heinz, Kroger and Kyder (Aldi label). Here is another dollop for thought: Kroger Ketchup indicates “from concentrate” on the front label, Heinz does not. However, once you turn the Heinz Ketchup bottle over, it, too, says “from concentrate.” How about that! That said, if you miss one of your favorite brands, please do give an alternative product a try.
However, if this didn’t work for you, and you believe we are missing an essential item in our database, please e-mail us to suggest an item.
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In addition to this, I'm seeking people that are willing to support the cause in other ways by sharing my Crowdfunding page to get as much exposure as possible so the target will be met and works can commence in Summer 2015.
Over the past 10 years I have managed and promoted client websites in various sectors including Finance, Music and Business, deploying marketing campaigns via SEO, PPC and Social Media in order to increase online presence and ROI. In most cases, these items will not be brand name products, but lesser known brands instead or store brands. Often, these store labels come in rather bland packaging and don’t look quite as exciting as their brand name counter parts.
As a matter of fact, many brand-name producers have exclusive deals with one or even more grocery retailers to package or bottle their food products under that store’s label. By offering their product to consumers this way, brands can attract people like you, for example, who are price conscious and would otherwise never buy the brand. If we were to try to list all of these products, including all 25 or so varieties of ketchup available, our website would not be the useful tool anymore which we set out to create for you.

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