September 26, 2012 By Sarah 9 Comments Share Tweet Pin258 +1 Stumble EmailTotal Shares 258Hello there! However, all of that has changed lately, and life around Becoming Martha has become a lot more serious – which translates into way more fun for you! A couple of weeks ago, I showed you how to make fun word art to decorate your house or to create as a gift, by using a website named Tagxedo.
This website is where I created the button for our weekly link party, the Keep Calm & Link Up party, which   (shameless plug) goes live tomorrow evening at 7 pm.
This awesome website is The Keep Calm-O-Matic, and it’s very user friendly and offers an endless number of ways to customize your poster. Once you have everything set and you like the way it appears (you can see a preview on the right hand side of the page as you make changes), click Generate My Poster.
These posters show how you can upload your own background (the leaf tracings), or icon (the cupcake and sunglasses).
You are welcome to link to this site and use a single image to link back to any direct post.
All printables on this site are for PERSONAL USE ONLY, and they are not to be shared or republished without permission. Making your website user-friendly is extremely important to make sure your customers keep coming back.
When UsabilityTools published the results of a case study that analyzed and tested the websites of 8 universities, it became clear that the people preferred websites with clear menu labels and transparent information. We have all come across a website or blog that simply does not work, or takes forever to find the right thing, and it is honestly a hassle.
Making sure your website is user-friendly is not as easy as it sounds; the key is to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Making your website easy to navigate is one of the most important factors that we have to take into account. Adding drop down menus will make it even easier for customers to go directly to what they want.
If you carry multiple products in different categories, break them into smaller categories so they can be easier to find. Your website needs to be accessible across all platforms; cellphones, tablets, computers and even gaming systems. Do your best to make the website look similar across all platforms, so the customers will know where to find the product they are looking for. A simple color scheme is favorable when you want to promote your best item, since it will be your focal point. If you have a special offer or promotion going on, make it your focus point on your homepage.
Try to avoid eye straining colors like neon green or yellow unless you really need to use them.
Try the F-Layout that serves the most important information where the eyes of your viewers usually focus. Place contact, about, FAQ’s and other similar links where they are usually found – at the bottom of the page.
Finding out what your consumers love will help you improve the way you showcase your products.
Hot items that sell should be the focus point in times when they previously sold the most last year or last month. If you do change your theme, keep track of your traffic and sales with this new design and tweak it weekly until you get the best results. Making sure that people can access it across all platforms is also vital since, today people look at websites on a daily basis on portable devices. It is also important to note that if your current website design works, then there is no reason to change it.
Although the flashing and scrolling of information can grab your attention for some time but later a stage might come when you would feel annoyed.
If the website developers lack clarity in their content portion, people would not prefer your website for the next time. CreativeFan is dedicated to bringing you the best tutorials, resources and inspiration for creativity, and they work tirelessly to bring you posts like these. These good habits and practices will keep your face, hair and body in tip-top condition for the rest of the year.

Your lips are made of skin cells too, so exfoliation will encourage turnover to keep your puckers soft and smooth.
The heat will open your cuticles to allow the benefits of your hair care to be absorbed, while the cold will close them to lock in the nutrients.
This will help unclog lymph nodes and prevent water retention, which is responsible for lumpy-looking legs.
Do it even if you have dry skin, as it actually actives sebaceous glands which helps to hydrate skin.
They act like invisible socks to reduce sweat and protect your skin from friction, which can lead to cracked heels and roughness.
Skin secretes sebum when you sleep and the pillowcase soaks it up (on top of perspiration and saliva), which can cause breakouts.
Your skin tissues might be able to recover and heal itself without scarring in your teens, but once you hit your 20s, you might not be so lucky.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Okay, so before I show you the awesomeness that I have for you today, I have some business to attend to. This either makes us, consumers, want to quit in frustration or swear we will never come back.
Knowing where to go to find the exact product that you are looking for is what all consumers love.
Pixiwoo blog, for example, has a huge Labels menu that takes a lot of space without being actually useful. Customers are always looking for the best promotions and setting up a promotion category will be greatly appreciated. This is vital, since some consumers may not know the exact name of a product, but if they can click on the picture, the website should redirect them to the specific item. Some claim that a simpler color scheme is best to present your products while others say the more dynamic the more attention it will receive.
Apple, for example, is known for its simplistic design that makes your eyes focused on a specific section of the website. This design was captured using an eye tracking camera that shows that consumers favor an F design.
Ensuring that all the pages from the homepage to the products page are visually attractive will show unison of a great design. To do this, first you will have to do some research, like who is buying your product and is there a time when it sells more?
Not all products are meant for everyone; some are age specific, while others are experience specific.
This is a huge mistake many companies do which is trying to better the website when nothing is wrong with it. A younger audience would be attracted to a colorful theme, while an older generation prefers simpler themes.
It is not the easiest task in the world, but you can make it as easy as it gets if you follow the helpful tips listed above.
The website should be as similar as possible to the computer version, since most of the customers look up items primarily on a computer, and then tend to do further research on their smartphones or tablets. The easier the words can be seen on your background the better, since the last thing customers want is having a hard time reading the description. This is crucially important, since it will be easier to promote your product to potential customers if you know exactly who your audience is. Unnecessary changes cause hundreds of consumers to become angry, since they were used to this old format that was updated to hopefully improve traffic to the website.
Remember that everyone is a consumer at some point in their life; just try to recall the last time you bought something online. Every website has its own unique web address which is only accessible through internet connection. People put up these sounds to add a differentiating effect to their site but to visitors these could sound pathetic that one is forced close that particular tab at once. These pop-ups might be tolerable up to 30 to 60 seconds, but if these appear for a longer time and emerge again and again, these can irritate people. If you use a simple font style, it would mean that you are not working hard on your website. If the color combination reduces the visibility of content, they might not stay on it for a longer period.

When I first starting blogging, I sort of ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, posting here and there and everywhere and nowhere.
The official website for the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, for example, is not user-friendly at all. Consequence of Sound, an influential music blog, is a really user-friendly website because of the effective menu.
Asos, a popular online shopping destination, gets huge attention through promotions and sales. Asos, which was already mentioned above, is a dynamic website that features several categories and items. The Huffington Post, for example, is a very comprehensive site that proves how important visual content is. It has been proven to be effective, and most successful websites do have this design in fact. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing for a fact that you saw some items at a certain category on your computer, but they do not show up on your tablet. For companies that have a main product that is the focal point, it is best to have a simpler theme showcasing the product. One of the most productive web-design strategies is to use a proven pattern called the F-design, which is easier to read and more attractive.
Younger people are into these modern designs with lots of colors and options, whereas an older crowd prefers an easy to use website with fewer distractions.
Of course, these are just a few examples of ways to make your website more user-friendly with some information from and thenextweb.
How to keep visitors on your website and make more money is the biggest question for these people. In spite of the variability of the website most people lose interest shortly and like to press the back button. If your website is taking too long for loading, people would prefer other website in comparison to your’s.
Then too, the ads should be displayed on the sides not to hinder the view of the main content.
That’s one of the greatest reasons for bad reviews this impressive destination gets from tourists.
Since most of its customers are looking for these deals, the website clearly provides them in a separate category. Levi’s for example, is targeted towards young, fashionable people who want classy, but modern jeans. If you change the format of your website, it may be harder for regulars or new customers to find what they are looking for.
It’s also important to test your website personally, since you will see small details that you may have missed.
However, if your company has many items, then a dynamic design that promotes all your items is best.
These two great websites have more information and tips on how to improve the user experience with your website. However, you should also not go for too striking and out of theme fonts, as it could to leave an irritable impression.
If you could keep the regular visitors attached to your website and attract the new ones then you would surely earn a huge sum of money. Although the brand has a broader audience, this is the group its website promotes on the main page. Your personal experiences will help you create a user-friendly website from both the vendor’s and consumer’s point of view. In order to make your websites better you will have to understand and get solution to the above mentioned problems. Some people mainly create these for personal reasons while others make these with commercial motive. Try to avoid or eliminate these mistakes, this could attract more people towards your website.

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