When using the Reason8 business web site builder in some cases Microsoft will try and steal the show and request you to insert the Microsoft office disks. The reason8 custom website builder has a relationship with the easiest website shopping basket software on the web: Mals ecommerce.
A new feature of the Reason8 easy web site builder that the designers are very pleased about is the way that it is able to use pre-built content frameworks that create a web site that has content already added. The reason8 online website builder allows you to build a website straight from our website.
Creating an interesting website around one of the most important days of your life, your wedding, is an ideal way to keep your family members and friends up-to-date concerning your special day.
Consider using WordPress to build your wedding site since it’s the perfect platform to use. First, you’ll need to choose a theme that you feel will highlight your wedding in the best possible light, and then start customizing all the unique details.
Use the following pages to help you neatly categorize all the necessary information you need to incorporate into your site.
Blog: use a blog in order to keep your family and friends up-to-date with the plans or show off the wedding party dresses, rings, talk about the entertainment or venue, give the latest news on rehearsals, flowers, catering, etc.
RSVP ME – RSVP ME provides users with a handy event calendar widget that offers a lightbox popup for your special event.
Provide a Gift Registry – Offer a gift registry on your wedding website by providing links to a registry online like Amazon Wedding Registry, or simply incorporate a listing right on your website. You can easily choose to place the items that you’re wishing for with the price tags and let your guests send you the money for them through PayPal. Feature Interesting Photos and Fun Videos – Want a very useful plugin for your wedding site? Comment Guestbook – Comment Guestbook is a free plugin that adds an interactive guestbook powered by WordPress.

Incorporate a WordPress Countdown Timer – WP Countdown Timer is a free plugin that provides you with an accurate countdown timer for years or for seconds, based on your personal preference. Now that you know about some exciting features on how to make a wedding website, have some fun and get started today. In fact, you can easily showcase your best photos in a cool gallery, show off your spectacular cake, or offer a heartfelt video that reveals your unique wedding vows.
Here is a detailed list of various plugins and tips that will help you create your perfect wedding site in order to complement your special day. In order to personalize your new site, upload a customizable background image and header image in WordPress. WordPress is an ideal way to keep your wedding project on schedule while showing everyone key information about your special day that they may need to know about. The plugin includes event registration, categories, PayPal, a form manager, locations, and much more. Even though it’s been updated recently, this tool will no longer be updated or supported in the future. This unique plugin allows you to only show your content to those users with particular roles.
It’s quite simple to design a custom map using certain markers with key categories, links, images, and descriptions. Use Cincopa to post your favorite photos and videos of virtually anything related to your wedding, including everything from the entertainment to the cake to the ceremony itself.
I've created this do-it-yourself guide on how to make a website to help those who are looking to make a professional looking website for themselves or a business. While some of these sites are only meant to keep people informed about your upcoming wedding, others are actual ways that allow your guests to interact.
Your background image could be an attractive floral pattern or a nice visually-pleasing pattern that’s not too busy on the eyes.

Many things go into planning your ceremony and even the most simple event planner plugin can prove to be priceless.
It offers confirmation emails along with a downloadable list of specific registrations such as responses, attendees, payment info, status, etc.
Guests can easily respond by visiting the events webpage or through the calendar widget and send a message along with their response. Easily set your pages and posts to only be viewed by subscribers and no one else can access it. Simply set your specific date and time of the special event and anywhere you decide to place the unique shortcode, the timer will display. Likewise, you could use a special photograph or even your wedding invitation as your header image on your site. Have your guestbook show in the sidebar along with your guest comments or maybe you want to keep them separate.
It utilizes regular WordPress tools including custom fields and post types, and options as well. You may also choose to modify the colors of your overall theme by cleverly harmonizing them with the main colors of your wedding.
It can display several different types of files and even provides key analytics that will help you determine which photos and videos your guests liked the best.

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