Every night before I got to bed, I like to take a minute and scroll through my Instagram feed to see what’s going on in the world around me.
Before we begin, let’s take a look at the guidelines Instagram has set out for us to get us on the right foot. Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. As people scroll through Instagram they expect to see photos that connect them to something - not advertisements that continuously blast them. Often, event planners feel the urge to post the critical event information on all their Instagram posts and the result is an overcrowded flyer.
Instagram is a place to show interesting pictures, and as an event, you have some of the easiest and most engaging content to capture. Another common mistake on Instagram is when people post novels about what is happening in their picture.
Instagram is different from Facebook in that Instagram is made for photo and video - not text. Again, resist the temptation to splurge all the information about your event into one post. You may notice, as you update your bio that all of your words are grouped into one single paragraph. A final tip for advertising your event correctly on Instagram is to make sure you post consistently. If you have an email list, don’t hesitate to send out an email inviting them to follow your Instagram as well. Once you have followers, your consistent posts will help keep them engaged and encourage them to share your photos with others on Instagram.
Putting together an event for the first time or still trying to crack the code to draw in a large crowd?
Learn from their insights as they examine what worked for building hype and selling tickets no matter what size of event you have. Cash is a great option to have on hand for when people come to your event, but it shouldn’t be the only option for purchasing tickets. There are definite benefits of accepting cash at events, but being a cash only event has it’s downsides. One other major reason accepting cash only payments can be harmful to an event is that the success of your event becomes dependent upon the weather. These three points aren’t the only reasons why you should accept a variety of payments at your event, but they are very important. As it’s name suggests, Stress Doctor works on treating your stress and returning your body to calm within minutes.
Based on 20 years of brain training and anxiety-reduction research, Personal Zen effectively boosts stress resilience and decreases anxiety when used only a few minutes a day, a few days a week. Another app that uses games as tools, Lumosity helps improve cognitive skills including attention, memory, and problem solving skills. With these six apps to help you relieve stress and improve productivity, you will be able calmly manage your upcoming event. Millennials use technology, and events that utilize technology are far more appealing to millennials. If you are going after college-age millennials, offering free or cheap food always draws a crowd.
You can gamify your event by adding raffles, issuing social media challenges, having group contests, and more.
To reach millennials, you will want to turn towards social media - particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On Facebook, every event you host should have it’s own event page - a page where you can invite others to attend, and where those who are attending can invite others as well.
Each year, graduating classes enter the workforce with more and more student debt, all while trying to find entry level jobs where they can begin to pay it off. Posting photos and videos before your event takes place is an effective way to build the anticipation for your event, but while your event is happening, you have an army of photo takers ready to snap a picture. Creating a millennial event can seem daunting, but if you follow these eleven tips, you will attract more millennials to your event. Remember - building a millennial event is more than just the event itself - it starts at your website and social profiles and extends to the feeling created at your event. Any event has the potential to be outstanding and memorable, but those perceived impressions rely on how hard you, the event maker, work to create that experience for your attendees.
I like to keep up with what my friends and family are doing, as well as admire beautiful pictures some of my favorite bloggers and brands post on their accounts. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. It is so tempting to share the five W’s (who, what, where, when, why) about your event, but it is not very effective - not in your photo at least.
Your event is a live thing, constantly in motion, and provides itself to great photo opportunities.
If it were made for text, Instagram would have a much better desktop version of their site.
If you do, you will simply be wasting time because people will fail to read too much about your Instagram post. There are a variety of things you can do here, but some basic advice is to include the name of your event, when it is happening, where it is happening, and how much it costs to attend.
You’ll notice it is short, shares what we do, and encourages people to share their photos with us. Instagram limits how many characters you can use in your bio to 150, so make sure you keep things concise and to the point.
Instagram doesn’t make formatting your bio easy, so if you want to clean up your bio and put separate sentences on different lines, you can write out your bio in your Notes app on a program on your desktop, and copy and paste the bio on Instagram.
If you have enough content to post daily, try and aim for that, but there is no shame in posting two or three times a week.
It can seem discouraging and difficult to stay committed to posting on Instagram when your followers are so sparse.
Each hashtag leads to a database of images that have the same hashtag associated with them. In today’s day and age cash seems to be becoming a scarce commodity as people turn towards credit cards and other seamless payment experiences. In the age where practically everybody and their dog has a credit card, Apple Pay, or Paypal, cash has become an antiquated form of payment.
One of the biggest areas of opportunities that events miss out on when they only accept cash is collecting emails.

If a storm comes in on the day of your event, you will lose tickets because of lousy weather.
Collecting emails and selling tickets online can be critical to the success of your current and future events. With so many hats to wear and so many moving parts for your event, it can feel like you are up to your neck in tasks. Designed for those who don’t have time to take a break, Headspace offers 10 minute meditation courses that will clear your mind, revamp your focus, and make you more productive. Stress Doctor focuses on using deep breathing techniques to return your mind and body to a state of calm, eliminating the stress that so frequently surrounds anyone planning an event.
If meditation and deep breathing aren’t your thing, Personal Zen lowers stress by playing a simple game. This type of breathing helps with mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety management.
If you are easily distracted, Lumosity is an app that will help you improve your cognitive skills and train your mind to stay focused on one task. Remember, a ten minute break from your busy schedule can help you save time and accomplish more in the long run. Millennials are now the largest cohort of the population - making up more than a quarter of the total U.S. To attract millennials, the simple things make a big difference such as utilizing online ticketing and letting them use their phone to check into their event.
Any technology that makes your event more convenient should be worth considering because millennials love convenience.
If your event helps a family in need, a nonprofit, or serves the local community, you build goodwill with your attendees. College age millennials have ever-growing student loans and want to spend their time doing activities other than cooking, and they are always looking for a free meal. Instead of offering individual prizes, you might want to try giving a prize to the group that wins the contest. Millennials use social media to share moments from their personal life, but they also follow brands, bloggers, events, and more.
They don’t like leaving carbon footprints and they prefer to use clean energy if possible. However, despite the debt, millennials are still willing to spend money on attending live events. Create an atmosphere around your event that makes your event feel big, something that would be in New York City.
If you can create a unique and convenient experience for your attendees starting at your ticketing, you will get the millennial crowd you want. Here are 6 simple ways that can dramatically elevate your event, leaving attendees wanting to return year after year. How many times have you showed up to an event, noticed that no one was there, and opted to run a quick errand first, and come back and check on it later instead of going in? If your event is an alcohol based event with up front ticket sales, don't discourage non drinkers from attending.
If your event is large, make sure your attendees know where the medical tent is, and don’t place it at the back of your event if avoidable.
Have you ever been to an event where there was an unannounced door prize, a special guest speaker, or a parting gift?
But I can’t tell you how often I come across Instagram posts that would be better suited for flyers left on car windshields.
Instagram isn’t about interruption marketing and making people look at it, but about posting what your audience wants to look at. Instagram even provides a place where you can add a link to your site, Facebook Page, or any other destination you want to send people to learn more about your event. Make sure to invite your friends and family to follow you and encourage them to invite their friends as well.
As you do this, people will be able to discover your photo in more places in Instagram and you will grow your following.
Instead of paying each other back with cash, friends have turned to apps like Venmo to pay each other without ever physically exchanging currency.
When you take cash at the door, people don’t have to enter their email information to get the tickets, they simply hand you a bill and walk through the gate.
Part of this can be solved by selling tickets online because people will be able to purchase tickets months, weeks, or days before your event takes place.
Cash is still a valid option, but when you are making events in the digital age, the way you collect money serves multiple purposes. The feeling can be overwhelming, and sometimes it becomes hard to focus on just one aspect of the event without getting distracted by another looming task.
We put together a list of six apps for event makers that will help you clear your mind, calm down, and focus on the task at hand. If you don’t have ten minutes for meditation, Stress Doctor deep breathing exercises only take five minutes to complete and the benefits can be greatly beneficial, including lowering stress, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening your immune system.
Pacifica doesn’t focus on quick fixes, but is designed to help you feel in control of yourself again. Breathe2Relax can be a stand-alone stress reduction tool, or it can be a part of your stress relieving routine. Millennials don’t go many places without their phones, if you can incorporate your ticketing into an easy scan from millennials cell phones, your event will draw in more of the young crowd you are looking for. Many millennials donate money to charities, so they are wanting to help make their community a better place. This will encourage more participation as groups of friends would rather participate in an event than individuals. If you don’t have a strong social media following, you can ask influential Instagrammers or Tweeters to post a picture of your event and advertise it for you. If an individual sees that their friends are attending an event, they are much more likely to attend the event themselves. If you announce that your event is sustainable, you will get a strong following of support and word will travel. In fact, a study conducted by IPSOS on behalf of Eventbrite, found that millennials spent a staggering $609,764,149 each month on attending live events.
Yet, if you really want to draw in a larger crowd, consider making your prices affordable for the millennials that are still managing debt, because they want to come, too. Add something photo worthy at your event that will encourage your attendees to take pictures and share them on their social media profiles. If it is not a shortage of power or outlets, it is the bandwidth of the internet the venue provides or infrequently used equipment acting up.

The current model for most alcohol based events and festivals is a slightly discounted ticket for those who are not drinking.
Instagram is meant for visually appealing images, not for sending out lots of information about products and events. Instagram is best used when you share pictures (and now video) as opposed to text and traditional ads. If you want to successfully advertise your event on Instagram, you have to play by the rules of the game.
If you have a following on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, invite them to follow you on Instagram. When the world has adopted to a virtual payment system, why do so many events insist on only accepting cash at the door? Yes, you can provide ATM’s for your attendees, but the fees associated with those money machines can leave a sour taste in the mouth of your attendees.
If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the people who bought tickets will still venture out to experience it, but you will still collect all that pre sales revenue. The app offers deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and positive visualizations set to relaxing soundscapes such as ocean waves and thunderstorms. If you are feeling overwhelmed from the chaos that is event planning, Breathe2Relax can help you feel in control of the situation again.
If you offer millennials a good time that will help the community as well, you kill two birds with one stone, helping millennials feel a sense a fulfillment by having fun at your event.
If you don’t believe me, take a look at instagram, where there are countless millennial foodie accounts with pictures of their favorite food. You can do this having a photobooth, using photo props, or having an awesome attraction at your event that people will want to take pictures of.
Your event is a place where millennials can go, be involved, and leave with plenty of opportunities to talk about your event both during and after it takes place.
Be sure to check the power cord situation, make sure that you have enough extension cords, and have backups in case a vendor forgets one.
All of those errands your attendees are running are costing you money, especially if your event success is based on moving merchandise and food. If a medical emergency arises, your medical staff will have to either traverse the crowd in order to reach the patron in need of assistance, or the patrons themselves will have to wade back through the crowd to make it to your medical area. If you want to belong on Instagram and fit in, here is a crash course on how to use Instagram effectively. Now that we know photos are the content of choice on Instagram, let's see how to use them correctly.
If people really want to know more about your event, they will be able to check it out online. Imagine collecting half of your attendees emails and being able to email them the next time you host an event. Events aren’t easy to run, and a no-show caused by bad weather can really put your event in jeopardy for the future. Millennials are willing to spend money on good food, and if you provide them access to a cool food truck, you will bring in more millennials. Your event can be a place that facilitates discussion and is a topic of interest for millennials.
Make sure to have a volunteer or someone on staff monitor the bathrooms to keep on top of toilet paper, paper towels, and trash.
The sooner event goers show up to an event, the sooner they open their wallets, allowing you to maximize the amount of time your event is scheduled to run for.
By offering swag, vouchers, or discounts during your event, you will see the number of designated driver attendees jump.
Have small exits placed around bigger areas you expect crowds, where medical staff can enter and exit which will allow easy access to an attendee in need of medical attention.
Plan for these touches during your event planning process, secure the surprise, and treat your attendees to a one of a kind event experience that they will remember, after all, that is why you are putting on the event anyway!
If somebody comes across this on their Instagram stream, you can be sure it will be skipped over with a single thumb swipe.
Plan for taping down cords, bring rugs to cover messy cords, and make sure your layout works with the outlet locations.
Unkempt bathrooms will turn your guests off, giving them an unfavorable impression about the cleanliness of your entire event - or lack thereof. If you find your event doesn't start getting crowded until 45 minutes after the scheduled start time is, it is not because people are always late. Even if your event is smaller, have a volunteer on staff who knows CPR and basic first aid, and have a first aid kit handy. With cash only payment, you miss out on a grand opportunity for increasing sales at your future events.
You can bring in a couple food trucks, set up some games, have a live band, set up shopping booths, and countless other ideas. While your event looks good, if your landing pages, social profiles, and website don’t look good, millennials may think twice about attending. Check the bandwidth of the internet the venue provides to see if you will need to provide a hotspot for additional internet power.
It is because your event has a reputation for not getting going until an hour after starting, costing you an hour of drawer sales. Incentivising those non drinkers to come to your event with their friends can mean more ticket sales for you, and more merchandise sold during your event.
Power up devices, and do a dry run of your presentations or any media you will display to make note of the steps in case you are using equipment you are not used to. Have volunteers show up and hang out at the start of your event to encourage attendees to want to come in. Not only are you making it easier for your attendees to have a sober ride, you are able to capitalize on those extra attendees. If you can't get into your venue the day before your event, plan ahead and just bring extra cords, tape, and maybe a hotspot to get you out of a jam. Another way to incentivise early birds is to offer door prizes or discounts to a select group of attendees, like the first 100 people get a free t-shirt, or swag.

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