Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Google announced a new universal design language, called Material Design, as part of the forthcoming “L” release of Google’s Android mobile operating system. Some of the key features of the new design include an updated version of the system font, Roboto, as well as bold and dramatic colors and highly polished animations. The company is also introducing new redesigned versions of Google’s flagship apps using this new language, including Gmail and Calendar, for both Android and the web. On Android, the new look is called “Material,” and it supports a variety of new animation capabilities, has built-in realtime UI shadows, and “hero” elements that can be passed from screen-to-screen.
Create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.
Develop a single underlying system that allows for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. The design uses familiar tactile means of interacting with its many parts, with visual cues that are grounded in reality, Google says. More broadly speaking, the design refresh is about making the experience of using Google’s products and services, including Android, more enjoyable for end users.
The move comes at a time when Apple is also moving into areas Google dominates – like cloud services. Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products. With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop in June, 2014, Google presented a new visual language called material design. Grounded in tactile reality, material design is implemented through a system of motion in rationalized space.
Material design provides hierarchy, meaning, and focus by means of images, fonts, grids, colors, scales, and space.
A user is considered to be the main motion-setter whose actions transform the visual environment.

If you are eager to take advantage of material design, look through some cool wallpapers that can enliven the feel of the web environment. Here is another album of free material design wallpapers available in the Google+ account of Brian Parkerson. So, what is your opinion about these free material design wallpapers and the trend in general?
The design is meant to offer a more consistent, universal look-and-feel across mobile, tablets, desktop and “beyond,” the company explains. The idea is to put this framework in the hands of developers who build on Google’s platforms, so all apps have a consistent look, similar to how Apple has its own design guidelines for Mac and iOS developers. You may recall reading about these changes recently, when some blogs got a hold of leaked versions of screenshots showing Gmail’s redesign, featuring a cleaner and simpler interface. Mobile precepts are fundamental, but touch, voice, mouse, and keyboard are all ?rst-class input methods. Apple is well-known for having stricter design guidelines for its developer partners, and that has helped shaped how consumers perceive Apple — that is, as being a design-focused company. That has worried Google, sources say, since it seemed like Apple was getting better at infrastructure than Google was getting at design.
Today I am back to explore how Material Design can be integrated into your WordPress website using free or premium Material Design WordPress themes. Initially meant for the mobile environment, it is gradually penetrating into the web and has already won recognition in the community of designers.
They combined classic design aspects with technological innovations and created a single system providing common experience across all the devices and platforms. Light, shade, surface, and movement convey the existence of objects in space and their interaction with each other.
A blend of these print-based design elements makes it possible to create a bold graphic interface that can engage users in the dynamic experience. When objects are rearranged with his movements, the continuity of their transitions remains unbroken.

It contains 140 images combining bright hues, sharp angles and circles in a simplistic manner. This lead us to something we call ‘material design,” says Matias Durate, Director of Android operating system User Experience at Google, during the keynote this morning. To bring you closer to this hot trend of today, we have compiled a set of free material design wallpapers. Thus, the user enjoys persistent and meaningful motion, which makes an image on the screen more realistic. You can look through all of them following the link, whereas the catchiest patterns are also shown in this post below. However, I did find some of the most popular themes, both free and premium, that you can use right now if you want to create a website using elements of Material Design. The most attractive images are presented below, and if you want to see the whole collection, click here, please.
Using materials, color schemes, shapes, patterns, textures, and layouts, this design trend is gaining speed amongst web developers of all kinds and is here to stay. By clicking on any of the provided content blocks, this website will demonstrate the user experience that can be had using Material Design. A website app for keeping all of your images in one place and organizing them as “picks”, Nexpick operates on brilliant Material design UI.
Google’s ambitious challenge of unifying a brand while also remaining distinct and unique among competitors is setting the stage for other website and application owners across the world.Utilizing Material Design on your own WordPress website does not have to be a challenge however. By choosing a Material Design based theme and gathering inspiration from the above-mentioned examples, and you too can begin the process of creating a user experience like never before.What Material Design theme have you tried using on your WordPress website? When she is not writing she can be found spending family time with her hubby, son, and cat Reggie!

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