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To Use this Template, Right click and "Save target as" to your hard drive, then run the Powerpoint presentation - Don't open in your browser. To Use this Dashboard Set, Right click and "Save target as" to your hard drive, then run the Powerpoint presentation - Don't open in your browser. A recent trend in presentations is to use a dashboard-style approach to enable audience-driven navigation. When you start a new project, it’s easy to get lost in imagining a flawless final result. This template givis you all the product development plan schedule, tasks and it's a great template for your product life cycle.. Watch our presntation videos to know the best Project Management tips developed by Senior Project Managers.
With Excel free templates, you can turn your simple spreadsheets into project management charts and forms.
With a registry repair program is recommended 2014 based on web page how To Create a Winning. TweetScoop.itThere are numerous methods by which you can create project timelines and roadmaps.
Once logged in, you will be provided with a step by step guide to help you create your project roadmap. After your roadmap is complete you can edit, delete or share it with other users via email and direct link. To try out ProductPlan for yourself, head over to the developer’s website and sign up for a 30-day free trial.
Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Here are some examples of sub optimal dashboards, sub optimal in my mind from a actionable perspective.
I wanted to point the above out purely because of a common feature of 80% of Web Analytics Dashboards, in excel with a billion tabs to look through. Recommendation #1 was to move to a Critical Few philosophy for Executive reporting: Only report the three or five (at most!) metrics that define success for the whole business. This quadrant is to satiate Executive curiosity that you know what you are doing, it will be glossed over (and that's good!). The second quadrant (Key Trends & Insights) is to add value by interpreting the trends and adding context.
This quadrant is the one that Executives will read a lot initially, over time they will gain confidence in you, they will love that you share context (hello Ninja!), over time they will gloss over it (a good thing).
This is the killer quadrant, if nothing else drives action this will, knowing exactly how much money was lost, how many customers were pissed, how much opportunity was wasted. You fix the human problems, you address the flaws in the system today and you actually become much smarter about the whole business (thanks to q3 and q4). Over time you'll gain a lot more trust from your Executives and all the crappy dashboards can die and be replaced with one that looks like this one.
Now you are asking your Executives to simply layer their own judgment on the recommendations and help the company take action. I have been a quiet reader of your site for a while now, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate your blog.
Dashboard design is a pet subject of mine and I simply don’t think we the vendors (and that goes for basic Web Analytics- but as well for more mature Business Intelligence vendors) has been able to truly create an environment where one can create highly communicative and by that highly effective Dashboards.
The HOW part is where your “Action Dashboard” comes into play and if I may be so rude as to comment on some of your choices. From a strategic point of view I actually disagree on your point: “Who needs to see the numbers?
And in hand with that; I would personally deviate from the high use of “text” (especially when talking about trends) – as it decreases the opportunity to scan the dashboard. I'm looking forward to going back through some of my semi-Ninja work to apply another level of de-squirreling! Number 2 seems to be the trick in an org of any decent size, assuming you are not able to decree this with an iron fist. One thing I have noticed in my experience is the belief (by some) that a single dashboard can be a panacea to all their reporting. Almost to the point of losing them as a client, I changed tactics and gave her a call, using plain language and telling her what I thought she should do instead of overwhelming her with data and thinking that she'd prefer to make her own informed decision. Dashboards, to me, have always been about what who is looking at them wants to see straightaway, not what I think they want to see. Separating them between the three different areas (Key Trends, Impact, and Actions) means that your reader might not always understand which items go together through each box (some could even overlap). Wouldn't it make more sense to put an issue in each of the three boxes in order of priority and address it with their own Key Trends, Impact, and Actions?
But once that happens it is all about recommending actions and the Executive applying their business judgment and wisdom on what happens when. Andrew: A great suggestion, I think prioritizing will certainly be helpful for our executives and we should strive to do that.
Great point about big companies hiring Analysis Ninjas and then making them into glorified Reporting Squirrels. As such the biggest challenge is often to reduce the number of KPIs and to provide “thicker” interpretations. Having said that, however, I think we should also avoid the opposite mistake of throwing away too much information. In your dashboard, for example, one could have shown the total cart abandonment rate in the upper left quadrant and then used the remaining three to provide some explanations. The idea would be to build a single display which shows not only how well the check-out process is performing, but also why this might be the case. The problem that I see with it being insight heavy, is how often is that going to change over time? I think that the reason that so many organizations build autmated data only dashboards is that it is easier than building the dashboard that you propose.
Typically my experience is that drill downs are an excuse for not actually putting in enough time to dig for the insights and providing answers.
Of course each case is a little unique but I hope the ability to provide drill downs is not a excuse for not doing the hard work up front. Would anybody be able to shed light on what sort of computer application allows the user to produce web widgets like the ones shown at the website above.

My company is in the process of revamping our website and I feel that widgets in the style of would be perfect. As a novice to these models I found both your original post and several of the responses both interesting and thought-provoking. The longer the time period the more optimal the Action Dashboard is – you can truly do real analysis and fill out quadrants three and four. It is also more optimal for serious metrics (the ones I call Critical Few in the blog post). Or, you can create a dashboard that is more tactically oriented, but one that has Insights, Actions, Business Impact built in.
The metrics owner is usually someone on the business side (the person who gets fired if the performance is bad).
Another question, what elements of trinity is the best to show at the management and the marketeer? Making some changes to the presentation of my analytics dashboard will definitely save me work by concentrating on a few metrics that important to communicate well. I'm interested how you get the dashboard looking so good with dials etc, is this a google gadget or an analytics package ? You can customize this summary of key accounts template to make it look much better and use styles available in the new Excel 2013 version, or you can move forward and insert this same spreadsheet into a PowerPoint presentation if you are preparing a strategy plan presentation or sales template in PowerPoint. In this spreadsheet you can enter data for key accounts including account name, account rep, and also the sales during a given month and sales Year to Date. This template is not available anymore, you can download the alternative template given below and find more related templates from our catalog of Sales Templates for Excel. You will receive dashboard templates, business intelligence resources and, of course, dashboard examples! The concept is to set up your PowerPoint with an icon-driven dashboard panel to allow quick jumps to different sections.
A wide knowledge of the landscape is critical when it comes to the technology and vendor selection phase of your dashboard project. Use this project planner to track your project by unique activities using the Gantt chart model. This template helps you to elaborate the marketing tactics in order to accomplish your marketing strategies.
Channel marketing plan DetailsUse Channel marketing plan, open this template on your Excel 2003 or newer for Project Management templates. You can use Excel 2003 or newer Microsoft office software to open and edit Channel marketing plan. The most convenient method is to use PowerPoint Timeline Templates or an add-in like Office Timeline. The sign up process is quite hassle free and requires no credit card information to start your free trial. The options on the right hand side menu allow you to filter, share, export and edit your roadmap, as well as to enable creating a version of the roadmap for sharing purposes. Furthermore, you can also export your roadmap offline in PDF, XLS (Microsoft Excel) or PNG (image) format.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging.
All the above efforts are well intentioned, took lots of honest work and probably took months to put together. This is a fatal flaw because most dashboards are highly aggregated views of any KPI and are missing all the nuance and analysis (that only you as Ms. Going out to collect enough tribal knowledge to actually know what is going on to then make recommendations from the data is not something that we do, nor are we encouraged by our Executives or our organization structures. That leads non-Practitioners to make the common mistakes like creating the above three dashboards.
It takes effort to get there, it will take all your charms (though no violation of any HR intimacy policies), and it will take some time. Kill all the ancillary metrics that were nice to know (and my kill I mean let lower levels worry about it).
Ideally segmented (as is the case here, cart abandonment is illustrated for four key customer segments). It says there that some things are up or down (in english :), and it also warns which data might be bad etc. I feel it is the key thing missing from any dashboard, they are normally missing the kick in the rear end and this quadrant delivers it. The WHAT part is of course very much industry specific and almost certainly company and department specific (e.g. They pay you and I to deliver actionable insights.” – and that both from executive and also operational dashboards. In others, we got into discussions of serving up the data through a portal, and then using portlets for that context, which isn't a bad idea, and would make your 4-quadrant framework deliverable. It reminded me of an article I wrote a couple of years ago on the subject of overlays and dashboards.
To unlearn the art of seduction by way of graphical dashboards is analogous to re-learing a swim stroke all over again (the right way). Execs just want action and impact where as an operations manager might want to validate more of the numbers with other data at their disposal.
This in part has led to many a crammy looking dashboard with tons of data -with the dashboard ending up looking more like a whiteboard.
This will allow them to incorporate the information in a way that is actionable and also acceptable to the readers. It will take quite some time for a Executive to have enough trust to not want to see the trends. I am sure one day as you have trust in your Ninjas (after they evolve from Squirrels) then you would be in the came camp Dennis! But I'll consider writing one that focuses specifically on the nuance you have suggested. I totally agree that the world is full of dashboards, which include too many unrelated KPIs, turning them into complex data displays rather than actionable information. One way of doing so would be to break down the total abandonment rate to your four key customer segments. You illustrate all your ideas with relevant graphics and show that you are not talking off your backside. Several of these crappy dashboards are available on the company Intranets and very few coworkers know where to find them or how to use them. What I like hear is that you've basically taken 3 slides and combined them with the metric chart to create one all inclusive slide.
The balance between data and information drives the quality of knowledge offered by the dashboard.

So the report writer will take the easy way out, create a wiz bang flash driven excel backend infinite drill down dashboard. To get an idea of how the museum displays this data, I took a look at the source html code. I know that Apple allows you to with Dashcode, but I'm interested in learning about others that produce similar results. Often, the end-result is unclear or unspoken and this alone can result in wasted effort and misdirected steps. The big important KPI's that might not change daily but nonetheless measure health, well being and success of the business (and those you would not want to know daily, that is not how it works! This Excel template for Excel 2007 and later can help you to keep tracks on activities and characteristics of 20 large, repeat customers and you can use it to make a sales strategy planning report.
You can also include the number of orders per month and summarize the total numbers YTD inside this key account management template. All the elements are regular Powerpoint objects and can be fully customized and changed by you. A nice modern look suitable for the common "let's put a dashboard page into our application" scenario. Track time and expenses for your multiple employees, contractors, or vendors with this project management template. This template helps you to forecast your marketing budget needed for your marketing project. Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically!
However, for the ease of making and sharing roadmaps online, one can opt for relevant web services. This version can help you take a snapshot of the roadmap in a point in time, so that you may be able to periodically share the progress of your project or go back to previous snapshots for reference. So you speed up and overtake them and in the process you sneak a glance at them (yes you are married but looking is still ok :), and you are hugely disappointed.
We dutifully cram as many of them on to a A4 size paper in 3 size font and send it along with a magnifying glass. It can have two other colors, yellow for don't fire anyone yet but get ready and green for send someone a big hug and a box of chocolates. It will require human contact with others, it will require conversations, it will mean identifying solutions collaboratively.
I as a manager MUST see the numbers as I posses more knowledge about the business strategy, potential reasoning behind metric fluctuation, actual action opportunities etc..
The consumers of the data are happier with less-than-real-time-but-with-contextual-analysis-and-recommendations than they were with the near-real-time-access-to-just-the-charts-and-graphs.
It holds true for many a consulting firms and agencies out there and the notion of seperating the weed from the chaff in your post is noteworthy. As a business user, i'd comment you can give more than the key metrics in the top quadrant.
The problem is that the Decision Maker will need increasingly ever more context the more they drill down, context that they won't have.
Or if the weekly dashboard shows that something is not going well, and then use it to zoom in on the problem?
In as much think of its optimal use as monthly, or if you are really really good at finding insights then twice a month. We've paid a lot of attention to the development of these templates and you'll see that the screens look very polished. Information workers or small businesses can use this template to track individual deliverables of their marketing or project plan.
Project management can be defined as the art and science of planning, organization, and management of resources that lead successfully completing set project goals. The problem is that to achieve your “Action Dashboard” that you need to have an analyst who can add that degree of value and often they are tied up spending all their time producing crappy dashboards! Even if you make the data simple and actionable, execs often don't have a benchmark or a clear understanding that conversion rate is much more critical than traffic, for example. You can for example allow some metrics to be drilled down to next level to give better visibility. This also allows for a more creative approach and the mining of less obvious but better-formed action choices. You have to provide a bit of sizzle right from the start with some nicely laid out wireframes that indicate a graphic design and application logo. If you are planning a direct marketing campaign, this template your give you step by step for a successful outcome.
The template allows reporting for up to 8 weeks, and reports on-going totals for the entire project at the bottom.
With the help of this web app you can create project timelines with the aid of various different bars for highlighting various aspects of your project roadmaps, such as to mark the start, end and major milestones of a project. It will also mean that monthly meetings will move from bitch fests to deciding who does what. Why do customers buy, use?Channels: How are these propositions promoted, sold and delivered? Not only will the users be able to envision and "try out" their user experience, they will get sold earlier on the design and information architecture.
This template gives you an overall outlook on the potential of a certain channel before taking affirmative marketing action, including strategies and deliverables planning. Project Item Tracker template may be used in project planning, item assignment and item completion stages. Also, you'll be able to hand off screen specifications nicely to your developers using these high-fidelity mockups.
By using this template, you can categorize and track the different types of team communications that can occur during the life cycle of a project. Try new strategies and Big Ideas.You’ll raise LOTS more money if you do!Which is YOUR favorite new BIG IDEA?
I would say most organizations actually aren’t asking enough for donations, so ask, ask, and ask some more (and you will raise more money)! How do we get people to be willing to ask: that is the question, isn’t it!I love your 50 Asks in 50 Weeks book, which I highly recommend to all my readers! Want to raise lots of money for your cause?Join me every week and get my best fundraising strategies and tips!21,000 subscribers around the world     I respect your privacy and will not share your info. Adrian Sargeant Duke Basketball friendmaking Fundraising fundraising auctions fundraising events fundraising ideas fundraising leadership fundraising strategies giving in the recession Haiti fundraising inspiration internet fundraising Jay Love keynote speech Kivi Leroux Miller Major Gifts Motivating Your Board nonprofit fundraising nonprofit marketing Online Giving Soliciting gifts storytelling strategic planning thanking donors transparency visiting donors volunteers women philanthropy Year-End Fundraising StrategiesConnect: Gail was wonderful.

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