In conjunction with Activision, IDW Publishing is proud to announce the first-ever Skylanders comic-book series, penned by renowned comic-book writer Ron Marz with Mike Bowden and David Baldeon as lead artists. IDW Publishing has been known for the quality and care given to some of the most beloved all-ages properties, and Skylanders is no different. Skylanders will also join IDW’s successful Micro Comic Fun Packs line-up this fall and will be available in comic-book stores as well as mass-market retailers this October. Subtle Enhancement Clinique is the Raleigh, NC medical spa chosen by those who want that personal touch from a modern medical spa team. Subtle Enhancement Clinique offers many skin enhancement procedures and other cosmetic enhancement procedures to get you feeling young and looking beautiful again!
Her debut novel about the funny sayings and exploits of her young daughter LULU is her first work as an author.

He has put his skills to good work while going through his first marriage and realizing not everything was what it seemed. She has written her debut book of poems, called "The Valley of Anchor," for Sakura Publishing, and all at a young age too. In the world of video games, Skylanders is a global phenomenon and the best-selling kids’ game franchise since its launch in 2011.1 Now fans have the opportunity to follow the adventures of all their favorite characters from Skylands through the magic of comic books.
The videogame sensation is making the leap to the pages of comics this July, debuting at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014.
Distribution is expected in the following territories: United States, Canada, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand. His debut book, "MY AWFULLY WEDDED LIFE," is his story of the painful yet funny experience he had becoming part of the great American divorce tradition.

The first issue, a prequel to the Skylanders Trap Team™ storyline, actually provides fans an inside look at where some of their favorite Skylanders came from, and even gives them a first look at a few all-new characters from the upcoming game. Skylanders #0 features an introductory 16-page story as well as character guides and additional back-up information.

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