You can now publish and send the quotation to the concerned party, within seconds.AdvertisementYour browser does not support Javascript or it has been disabled.
The website will not function properly or will not function at all on some browsers when Javascript support is disabled.For better user experience while browsing our website, why not consider enabling Javascript support of your browser.
You can select enable or disable option from the drop down menu to either print the company name or slogan on the top or not. There is an option to select a color scheme for the quote; you can select the preferred color through the design picker. You can also record the Company Address on the settings page and this saves you from re-typing the address on every Quote.

This page also has pre-defined country setting like any applicable tax that the country levies and the currency in which the Quote needs to be published.It also includes two sheets, named as "Price Quote" and "Price Quote(Lanscape)". Both the sheets has the company details and the logo on top with the company address that populates, automatically. Once all the details are correctly filled you can take a print of the quote or can convert it into a PDF file and mail to the customer for approval.AdvertisementYour browser does not support Javascript or it has been disabled. This template is especially useful when you need to give a price for various tasks of the project each of which requires involvement of different human resources with different hourly rates.
You can create a catalogue of every product that your company has to offer and then simply select desired products from the drop-down list when creating a price quote.

Product catalogue number as well as product price is automatically entered for you when product is selected. Other Quotation Recourses All about Quotations, estimates, price lists and tenders - Everything that you need to know about Price Lists, Estimates and Quotations. 10 questions that a good Quote needs to answer - Questions that you must be prepared to answer when creating your quotes or estimates.

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