There are some free web hosting templates that you can download at no cost, unfortunately, the theme does not have enough features and the look of the theme is not suitable for a web hosting companies. Modern Hosting features the great look of the HTML as well as extra versatility and updated features as a WordPress theme.
QuickHost is a clean, modern and web 2.0 wordpress theme suitable for web hosting company website.
HostingSquare is a clean, modern and web 2.0 WordPress Theme suitable for web hosting company website.
Hostme is a Powerful Professional Premium WordPress theme made for your Hosting Business, Blog, Portfolio, Business or almost any other kind of website. Planet Hosting is a clean, modern and web 2.0 WordPress Theme suitable for web hosting company website.
Phenomenon is the ultimate and one of a kind premium hosting wordpress theme that was created with hosting companies and businesses in mind. Strikon is a very powerful theme with many features easy to edit for both, users without programming knowledge and for developers. Hightech is a clean, modern widget-ready professional theme with a unique homepage, and Pricing Page Template. Rackhost is a simple and clean HTML5 theme for modern hosting and server businesses and comes with four different color sets. Cluster is a clean, modern and web 2.0 HTML Template suitable for web hosting company website. Host supreme is a hosting template which blends great looks and great functionality together. A hosting HTML theme for anyone that starts in the hosting business or even for veterans that are looking to revamp their current website. GlassHost is a premium web hosting template with a clean and professional design and 6 pages: Home, Packages, VPS , Text, Blog, and Post.

This template is best suitable for a Hosting Business, Company, Blog, Portfolio, or freelancer portfolio website as well.
The image to the right shows how a Responsive template would display on a Desktop computer. The CSS media query detects the device browser or screen size and switches the CSS stylesheet accordingly. If you do not care about older browsers and you are gearing your website towards all devices then you will want to use a responsive template.
Depending on how you are developing your website will determine how you will obtain your responsive template. Please note: Your name and comment will be displayed, but we will not show your email address. Get help with your questions from our community of like-minded hosting users and InMotion Hosting Staff. Choosing a theme for modern web hosting is an important task, you should consider the features that should exist in the theme it self, such as pricing table, content or image slider, shortcodes, login module, etc. If you have a budget, it would be great to choose premium website template that offers many features and are designed specifically for professional website hosting. It include a content slider and newsticker on the frontpage and a lightbox for the client login form.
According to Wikipedia, "Ethan Marcotte coined the term Responsive Web Design (RWD) in a May 2010". Responsive templates are designed specifically to display your website nicely on every device platform like desktop computer, mobile phones, and tablets. The boxes on this example all float horizontally to take up the maximum amount of space on a larger resolution monitor.
More and more people find your business on their phone as apposed to a desktop or a tablet because of the mobile phone access from any location.

If you are not familiar with creating templates for a Content Management System (For Example creating a Responsive Template for Joomla), you may just want to download a free one that someone else made.
Below is a list of a few sources for different Content Management Systems and HTML5 that have responsive templates available.
Since then Responsive Web Design is becoming an important part of the web development process.
This allows the website to be aesthetically pleasing on any device without having to create a separate mobile site.
With a Responsive Template, the Desktop computer will stretch the site to fit according to the size of the browser.
In order to get the website to display you can have your site responsively switch to a vertical display of the content.
This allows a site to be viewed on mobile devices, without having to create a separate site for mobile devices. If you want to make your own custom website based off of a responsive template, you can follow our tutorial on Creating Responsive Templates. The iPad can have a resolution up to 2048 x1536 even though the screen size is only 9.7 inches big.
This makes it necessary to detect the actual screen size of the iPad to adjust the website to the appropriate size.

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