With over a decade of experience in the industry he has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications. CommentsIn this article, we’ll talk about how to produce high-quality products and protect against effort losses due to rework.
CommentsIA is a crucial step in the site design process to create clear site navigation but recently we asked ourselves, what happens if we skip it? CommentsWe asked Arlton to give us a run-down of what we can expect at this year’s Made By Few Conference. CommentsRon is busy carving out best practices for motion design as a driving force for UX. Most of these HTML5 Templates are free; you can use these to build your websites or to analyze HTML5 structure to develop more beautiful and usable website templates. HTML5 is the latest hot favorite web markup language for the web developers and it is another stepping stone to make the web experience more enjoyable and beautiful. One of the most popular web technologies nowadays are HTML5 and CSS3, and they become so, for a good reason. Bringing the awesome features of HTML5 together with that of the new style properties of CSS3, you will have a beautiful and superbly functional website. Here, we are sharing with you some of the beautiful HTML5 and CSS3 templates that you can use on your website. Rising is an HTML5 theme built from the ground up to be sexy and compatible with mobile devices.
This template is an easily editable HTML5 and CSS3 great for business and corporate websites.
Wilderness is the perfect theme for the creative agency, freelancer to improve the visibility of your works and posts.
Sophie is a sophisticated HTML5 and CSS3 template, designed with typography and perfect chromatic in mind that comes with a iPhone WebApp! Synoptic is a premium HTML and CSS3 template that you can use on a blog, portfolio, coporate or business website. Circlus is a stylish, animated and unique template ideal for portfolio and personal websites. Created with HTML5 & CSS3 Freshlook is top notch Fullscreen template to show up your projects and photos in the best way!
Neutron is a clean and modern template suitable for any business or portfolio, and ita€™s created with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. InnoTech is a clean, high quality site template built using the latest technologies including HTML5 , CSS3 and jQuery with minimal, valid and easy to use markup. Nobile is a simple yet very complex HTML5 and CSS3 Template that provides a unique iPhone Web App that you can save on your homescreen! Hungarian is a clean blog theme made with the most modern standars and with full AJAX navigation (optional). The a€?Strongholda€? is a ultra clean and flexible HTML5 template with modern and beautiful design. SmartStart WP is a simple and clean but still professional theme suitable for any business or portfolio, and ita€™s created by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. Spark is a fully responsive one-page HTML5 website template featuring exceptional page-load performance. Contrast is a beautifully minimal, and awesomely responsive WordPress Theme that is perfectly suited for Creatives (Designers, Photographers, Motion Artists). Royalea€™ is the creative template that will bring out the best in your photography or videos, and the complete set of page templates will give you the possibility to present your brand and work in a refined and professional way. Serenity is a 1-column HTML5 and CSS3 template that is fully focused on an presenting images via an image slider.

VividPhoto is a stunning photography HTML5 and CSS3 template that is designed to showcase a portfolio of images. This post would help you to create a unique and ultimate website theme.With this great collection,i can have great experience in designing theme.
No strings, just use it, learn from it, but let’s say thanks to the Web Code Builder team. Each of these Open Source HTML5, CSS Web Template is Responsive, free to download and allowed for personal and commercial use.Today I am showcasing a collection of Free Responsive Web Templates for you. These services companies do not just believe in beautifying the websites in terms of vibrant colors, fonts and graphics, rather they presume that the website have to be functional and that they should also be able to perform well and get the end result of fetching more customers to get business. An upgraded versions of the markup language HTML4, and a style sheet language CSS2, HTML5 and CSS3 together bring loads of new features and functionality to the modern web.
Although still under development CSS3, already has shown great effects on shadows and animations which are commonly done using JavaScript. The elements of this web design are nicely spaced out, combined with an unlimited color-palette to create a clean overall design.
It is simple, clean and beautiful theme that can be used for personal, photography, blog and portfolio websites. It is Fully Responsive, which means that the layout will adapt depending on the devicea€™s viewport or screen size. It can be used for business, music, movie, TV, sport, travel, tech, auto, fashion, photo, cookery, webdesign, etc.
It comes with a lot of HTML Shortcodes, jquery plugins (tabs, accordion, slidersa€¦) that can be edited easily.
Responsive and optimized for smartphones and tablets and successfully tested in all major browsers, including IE7 +, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. With a responsive design it is easily usable with any device (Desktop, tablet, mobile phonea€¦), without removing any content! Ita€™s comes with valid HTML 5 well written code, working contact form, google maps and much more. It has a 26 pre-made HTML pages for you to save time creating them, and a working ajax form. Contrast makes it easy to customize your theme, with an unbranded Theme Options panel, that will have your site up and running, with minimal effort, and in the shortest of time! When creating Royalea€™, we made sure we didna€™t miss any details, so we created a perfect balance between design, usability and interactivity. The template makes extensive use of jquery for both the sliding nav underline effect, as well as the image slider.
I checked on the web for more info about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website.
Each of these web template is open source, responsive, free to download and can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
In fact responsive HTML templates are really worth considering as they are prepared for the mobile future.
Indeed, a clear manifestation of HTML5 and CSS3a€™s widespread acceptance among web professionals is the proliferation of HTML5 and CSS3 templates for use in websites now.
Either way, they are all built using the two latest web technologies and each boasts certain features and layouts. Choose from a hand-picked selection of beautiful Google Web Fonts, easily add Custom Backgrounds, add your favourite Social Media icons with ease, and more. It can be adapted to any kind of business, used as a magazine or a portfolio and it looks beautiful on iPhone and iPad! It comes with a lot of HTML Shortcodes, jquery plugins (tabs, accordion, sliders etc.) and with ability to edit the design easily.

With its sleek and elegant design powered by jQuery and HTML5 , Royalea€™ will make your portfolio stand out from the crowd. In my personal life I spend time on photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding. The reason why CSS3 and HTML5 are so much popular among the developers is the availability of huge features and loads of functionality that CSS3 and HTML5 offer.Here we are presenting a showcase of 45 free CSS3 and HTML5 templates that will make your website development easier and more fun. As they are open source web templates and available for you to use freely, they can be customized as per your project requirements. Right now, prominent websites like YouTube, Netflix and Vimeo are already using HTML5 for their video streaming systems, enabling their video content not only accessible by web browsers but also by devices running on Android and iOS platforms. Just a simple search on the web and you will see good looking and ready to use templates that you can use as desired. This website is far from minimal, yet uses very clean edges, accentuated by the contrasts between content areas and backgrounds to create a highly clean web experience.
Also it has styled default forms like radio buttons, inputs, checkbox, textarea, select lists and so on. So, enjoy looking into this collection and have more fun using these templates for your websites and make the web experience even more pleasurable and gratifying.
HTML5 is booming and growing rapidly now a days and developers keep on looking for different web designs and ideas every day for inspiration for their development work. An even faster way to set up a new site is to use WordPress and some of the many simple to use WordPress themes. This website includes quite a lot of content, yet uses a simple clean background and plenty of white space to create a minimal feel. You are in correct theme, because our theme will allow to you represent your company with nice colors and good typhography with using not much text. It use most important HTML5 tags and attributes like header, footer, section, article, mark, placeholder.
If you are planning to build an HTML5 and CSS website then you can pretty much use these Free Responsive Web Templates as building block for your new venture. It use most important HTML5 tags and attributes like header, footer, section, article, mark, placeholder etc. If you are into a business selling Fashion & beauty products then this template is a superb choice for you. The remarkable thing about this template is that it has full screen background slideshow which immediately draws user attention which is vital for Fashion industry. Connoisseur HTML5 templateThis template is for your personal or professional website and suitable for websites relating to fine arts, cuisines, dining etc. Elegant PressElegant Press is made in HTML5 and it can be used in all kinds of business websites. Animated Template for Charity ProjectThis template look like Flash, but it is slightly different due to its light-weight characteristics and you can also edit it with any code editor.
Thanks for sharing John Jan 19, 2014 at 4:17 pm - I like this minimalist responsive templates. Scenic PhotoScenic photo contains completely documented 5 page website which shows you all the styles available with this design. Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Agriculture BusinessThe best free template for agriculture business. It is also based on HTML5 and will give your website a very pleasing look.Demo DownloadLike it?

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