Nearly all clients, upon seeing a mock-up of their potential new website, ask this question.
If you want them to visit your website more than once, they are here to see new content (we can help you with that).
When you ask your developer to make your website logo bigger, ask yourself – Is this the best possible way forward for my website?
By making your website logo bigger, headings, sub-headings, some associated graphics and page text will also have to be adjusted.

When one considers that the average time spent on any web page is about fifteeen seconds (link to Times article) can you really afford to have that third news item or product special drop off the bottom of a laptop or tablet screen? Web designers are effectively modern vanity publishers and people like seeing their name (or logo) in all its glory. If it affects the position of more important site content, pushing your latest items below the fold (the bottom of the monitor) they may miss important parts of your site. The bigger your logo, the more insecure your company looks – especially if the logo is detracting from (or even dictating) website usability.

The only reason why anyone returns to your website for a second time is to see what’s new.

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