I wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t listen to music or doesn’t seem to like any of its form. Since the inception of internet and its wide spread use world over…many sites have been developed through which you can listen to your choice of music online and can download to keep it saved in your system as well. MP3Boo is an amazing site with wide range of English music collection in form of singles and albums as well, which can be downloaded for free by everyone through Mediafire or Hotifle software.
Zona-musical is more like a forum, but still gives you the option of listening to music online and downloads it for free without any sort of registration. This website has a wide range of English music albums, and are very well organized by categories, such as POP, Rock, R&B, Folk, Romantic songs, etc. MP3 is another amazing website, full of English musical albums and songs for listening online and downloading purpose completely for free. There are many website who offer downloading songs one by one even when you want to download the album…but this website enables one to download the entire music album by once.
Like listed above, this website also offers wide variety of English music albums for downloading purpose for free.
There are very few websites that offer legal content downloading, and this website is one of them. He died in 1985 but this very personal museum can be a lasting reminder of the very remarkable man. With all the fuss about piracy and the RIAA, legal music download websites help to put your guilt to rest by enjoying free and legal MP3 music downloads without the hassle of government agents breaking down your door. Epitonic is one of those legal music download websites where they emphasis more on the songs than on design. Highly regarded as one of the best legal music download websites, Jamendo is pretty similar to Bandcamp. Noisetrade is one of those legal music download website where you get free and legal music downloads in exchange for some information like your email and postal code. ReverbNation is not only a legal music download website, it’s also a valuable resource for fans and their favourite bands. Being an old fart I like classic rock, so, do any of these sites stand out as being better with the obscure old 60′s and 70′s bands, say for instance the Good Rats? We would definitely obtain a chance to spread this around, thank you so much once again, We are delighted which i found this community. So today we have a list of Top 10 best websites to download music for free and without those annoying ads and pop-ups.
It's a 3 tier Web Service, which lets you search Music files over the Internet, lets you convert Video files to Audio using URL and also lets you convert local video and audio files to other formats, all this with an amazing sound quality. Mp3Raid is a search engine which is dedicated to index and organize music that has legally been posted on the internet. Sideload, lets you search and download music, it also provides its users with a plugin for your browser to add a music player, such that you can directly add songs you like to your list (locker) and can listen to them whenever you wish to.

I think this list will help you to expand your Music collection without affecting your pocket. NOTE : We haven't included Amazon Music Store, though it provides free music download service, because only the old tracks are available for free, not the latest tracks.
However, some of them are free, while some websites have charges over it in order to download a song or an album, but certainly when you can get something for free…why pay? The site provides a music forum, where you can engage yourself in various on-going discussions over musical topics and a lot number of albums are available up there for you to download for free with good quality. It offers new and upcoming singers to upload their songs and sell them off through their web portal. You can search the music of your choice from their wide range, view the song details, listen to them online and can download them as well through Hotfile, Rapishare, Megaupload and other file hosting websites. The songs from here can be easily downloaded with the compatibility run of Fileserve, Hotfile and iFulldownloads applications. The website contains more than 37,000 musical albums and songs, which one can download easily through their sub-categories as most popular ones, most downloaded, most starred for ones’ ease. You’ll find thousands of completely free and legal MP3 music downloads to browse through. It also allows you the option to help the artist by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter. You can browse the site fairly quickly to search for the best free songs because purevolume conveniently compiles them into Top Songs, Top Downloads, Albums, Features, and Past Features. Just like Last.fm, ReverbNation publishes band tour dates and even allows you to buy concert tickets directly.
Every song is recorded in the Daytrotter recording studio at The Horseshack in downtown Rock Island, Ill. In fact, they have over 25,000 free singles on their website, free for your listening pleasure via their integrated player. So bearing in mind that this isn’t a finite list, I would like to ask for your suggestions and recommendations in the comments.
It’s got a nice interface and seems to only include the top rated albums and all can be downloaded legally for free. We all love listening to songs, in happiness, during sad moments, when we are anxious, when we are in love, and even more when love is lost.
Many of you might find it illegal, but sometimes illegal stuff is cool (no offenses), With all the great music you can get with a free MP3 Creator, what is there to complain about ? You will find a great collection of songs, sorted and organized, easy to play and download, and above all with a neat and user friendly user interface. So we thought it deserves to be at top.Its a new service, so try it, trust us you will love it.
Artists can also sign up and upload their own music so that other users can listen to it and rate it.

They don't host any file themselves, this websites just searches through the net and indexes all the new mp3 songs. You can also create playlists, but for all these additional services you need to sign up for the website. If you know any other website to download free music, do let us know through your comments, I would love to add more good websites to this list. Therefore, below here we’re listing down some of the popular music downloading sites for free. The only limitation the site has is that one needs to register on the site and have to reply to the threads, before getting the downloading link. Songs downloaded from this site gets automatically saved on Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, type of hosting websites. Along with that, they have number of other musical albums and singles as well for everyone to listen to and download for free without any charges. It’s hands down, one of the best legal music download websites at this point in time. They have a database of multimillion quality Mp3 links and even provides you with embed link to post music to your Blogs and Personal Websites. The interface is a bit untidy, but the overall task of searching and downloading songs is easier. It has a very clean and sorted interface and absolutely no advertisements and annoying pop ups. Music in every form is liked by humans, and there are some tunes made, which are hard to forget even after much time and they keep on humming in your head.
There isn’t an option to download entire albums so you do have to manually download each song individually. Albums are categorised by sessions and you’re able to preview any track with their built-in player. Just last week I got a track from Emmylou Harris and another from Hank Williams (the old man, not the kid).
You can choose your genre and listen to the songs or you can directly jump to current top songs and enjoy.
You’re free to listen to any song you want and if the album is free, you can download it in MP3, ALAC, FLAC, MP3 VBR and OGG. But hey, they are quality songs from a great legal music download website, so you’ve got zero guilt weighing you down.

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