As an affiliate of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC), Samuel Merritt University (SMU) faculty and staff have access to many of ABSMC's resources.  SMU employees can access ABSMC's resources by visiting ABSMC's intranet site.
ABSMC Intranet can only be accessed from the SMU campuses; the site cannot be accessed from home or off-site. If you receive a "Page not found" error when clicking a link on Alta Bates Summit Medical Center's Intranet site, this is caused by an address translation issue.
To get to the intended page, simply edit the address in the browser's address bar; change the "www" to "abs". Digital distribution games are already firmly established on the PC, and they've infiltrated every present and next-gen console to some degree.
Where to Buy PC Games OnlineSteamThe first name in digital computer game distribution for PC and Mac. If you’re an English teacher who is looking to get more private students then you should have a website. Having a website makes it easier for your friends and current students to refer their friends to you.
Friend: “I had a job interview today for my dream job, but the position went to someone else. Your students are trying to help you get new students by telling their friends about you, but are you making it easy for them to become new students? A teacher website gives you the opportunity to educate prospectives students about what its like to take classes with you. When a student calls you after seeing all of this information it is because they liked what they saw. One of the key benefits that a teaching website provides you is that it allows you to target a specific niche of English students. Join more than 3,000 Brazilian Gringos who get our weekly newsletter with the best content about Brazil, travel deals and more tips.
About Josh PlotkinOriginally from California, Josh spent most of his early 20’s in Brazil, teaching English and working on online projects instead of going to college. There are so few English teachers with websites, and even fewer brave enough to stake their claim on a niche.
Hi Josh…i’m thinking about setting up my own website…do you have any other links to example websites of people in the same position.
Whether you like to play DOS, AAA, PC or indie games, there's a way to purchase most of them without leaving the comfort and warmth of your couch or desk.There are many options for downloading video games, but this game focuses on downloadable PC games, helping you determine which services you need to get the games you want. Having a website makes it a lot easier to get private students, and in this post you will learn some of the reasons why English teachers should have their own websites.

They are familiar with your policies and your pricing schedule and they are fine with all of that.
A ridiculous practice employed by many English schools in Brazil  is that they don’t share information about the costs of their classes. There is a lot of competition from English schools and other private teachers who all offer more or less the same service.
For example: English for pilots, English for insurance salesmen, English for Neurologists, English for funded startups.
Instead of trying to teach English to everyone, figure out a specific group you want to teach English to and direct your marketing efforts at those people.
I hope you’ll take this advice seriously and build a website to start getting students. I am already using several of the resources you’ve recommended for my move to Brasilia in July.
Now, it accounts for as much as 70% of the $4-billion-a-year computer game download market.
If you don’t already have a website you can follow the instructions in this post to learn how to set one up. If your students are really happy with the classes you teach, then they are going to tell all of their friends about you. They don’t know you and deciding to take classes with a foreigner is a big decision for some people. Posting this information publicly  build trust with your students and it helps to reduce friction that can occur later on. They think that if  the students call them they have a better chance of convincing them to take classes with them.
Most people try to capture the larger market of English students, thinking that they are limiting themselves by going after a specific niche.
Think about it, if you are a pilot would you rather take English classes at Wizard or from someone known as the English teacher for Pilots? Use your professional experience from previous careers to assist in your marketing efforts.
If you are a fan of a particular football team you can get students much more easily if you only teach to students who are fans of that team and no one else. In the next post I’ll cover how to set up your website to make it an effective tool for getting private students. When not in Brazil you can find him learning new languages and starting new online businesses.

Forbes Magazine wrote that it also makes 40% more gross profits than comparable brick-and-mortar game stores.Features include thousands of indie and AAA titles to choose from, constantly rotating sales of 50% off or more, and cloud services for saved games. Schools all offer the same basic services: Business English, Conversation Class, TOEFL English, Travel English, etc.
I know that Brasilia is the capital and I suspect my degree in political science will help with that, but I am football coach and director at a youth football Academy. My passion is football, but I am having a hard time picturing Brazilians using that outlet to learn English. They're owned by IGN, GameStop (who just bought it from StarDock), and Amazon respectively.
All are very Steam-ish, offer many similar games, but don't have as slick of an interface or all of the services that Steam offers. Unlike its free and browser-based brethren, PopCap offers high-quality casual games for sales and dowload.
Zombies, which are heavyweight titles despite their casual look and price.AbandoniaAbandonware refers to games for whom no one owns the copyright and are not attempting to distribute for sale.
These games have been orphaned by commerce, but not by the hearts of gamers who remember DOS.
Abandonia is a community-run free website devoted to documenting and making available for download all the abandonware games possible. Many games have been made available only to be removed later because their developers or publishers realized they still had value after they did well on the site.
After starting with the Black Isle Studios Fallout games and a few others, they now have hundreds of games available and deals with dozens of publishers. All games cost less than $10 and come preloaded with custom DOSbox players that ensure they will run perfectly on new PCs without having to fiddle with any system settings. There are thousands of hours of PC gaming heaven to be had on this website, and most of the games will run on any computer from the last 7 years. This makes it a great service for anyone who loves high-quality games and doesn't have the pocketbook for a high-end PC and $60 new games.Free Flash game sitesFor the mimimalist gamer who doesn't want to pay or install anything, there are always free Flash games. Kongregate, Armor Games, Adult Swim Games, NewGrounds, and dozens of other sites all provide hundred of free games playable in-browser for free. These games might not have the production values of the games on the sites above, but many are great addictive fun.

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