Live Chat support is considered to be one such tool that helps the business owner connect with his customers and establish a strong rapport with them. When you are connecting with your customers, you will be able to convince them into buying products from your store.
Yet another survey pointed out that it is the middle aged group who is making the best use of the live chat feature.  Responses in the live chat are quicker, quicker than the telephone!
Research has proved that if a customer gets good buying experience from one store, it is because of their unique eCommerce store customization , there is bound to be frequent visits to the store again. Again, studies have proved that live chats have been able to pep up the customer retention rates significantly.  Majority of them who chatted showed positive inclination to come back to the eCommerce store. According to a survey conducted by econsultancy, this live chat feature has been found to give great satisfaction levels to the shoppers when compared to other means like the emails and phone conversations.
Live chat, as the name indicates, allows the customers to interact with the real person, then and there itself.
One does not have to make a special mention about the competition that exists in the markets nowadays. When you incorporate live chat support in your eCommerce store, you will be able to cater to the needs of your customers well. This feature is currently considered as the best tool to attract customers as it offers more value to their overall experience on what your website has to offer. All online merchants would want to have everything that will help them generate more revenue.
Adding live chat support feature on your website is found to be highly beneficial in getting more business. Yogesh Trivedi is professional eCommerce business consultant with years of experience in IT industry. Latest information about live chat software, customer support and customer relationship management can be found on the pages of our blog. To help you create a better customer experience, we’ve pulled together step-by-step instructions for getting your Live Chat tool up and running in no time.
The first thing you need to do is creating an account through the Sign Up button on any page of our website. You can do this in less than a minute by choosing an account name and password, and entering your email address. Next step is downloading the Operator Console from our website, it won’t take much effort either.
Alternatively, you may log in via our web-based Operator Console, which is a simplified console version and does not require installation. In case you cannot find answers to your questions in this blog post, please feel free to contact our team using the Live Chat button on the right. About Latest Posts Julia LewisCustomer Service Advocate and Social Media Coordinator at Provide Support, LLCJulia is passionate about customer service excellence, and has more than ten years of experience as a Customer Service Representative. This entry was posted in Articles, Instructions, Tutorials and tagged live chat, live chat integration, live chat service, live chat sign up. Back in 2011, I wrote about Silverado Senior Living using Live Chat to drive 350 inquiries with a 10% conversion rate over a 7 month period.

The nice thing about this particular Live Chat solution is that it allows companies to show an image of the live representative, adding a personal touch to the interaction. If you’re interested in adding Live Chat to your company website or blog, give us a call. It is one of the eCommerce store customization services that the online merchants can make use of in the direction that it favors the growth of the business. If for any reason, they are not buying it, you can ask them the reason and give them a convincing answer so that their inaction would turn into a positive outcome for your sales.
Regardless of the age, people who wish to get a few sensitive questions answered and would like to maintain anonymity too make use of this feature.
The chances of selling products to an already existing customer are very high when compared to the chances of selling products to new customers. The results are arrived at after surveying 2,000 customers on the experiences they had at different customer service outlets. Regardless of the niche to which a given business belongs to, there is ample competition for supremacy. Learn from them the positives and negatives of your website and then work on bettering the same.
Those customers who use this feature are found to be more likely in engaging in buying behavior than who do not.
When interviewed, online consumers said that when their doubts are answered immediately by a real person while they are in the process of buying something, it is wonderful!  Such kind of a feature is what every website should offer. Have the right agents and train them in such a way that they can tackle the questions related to various products and services that are being offered on the website.  Get an understanding of what the common scenarios would be in a live chat.
Hence, do not overlook the significance it has in expanding the reach of your eCommerce venture worldwide. He has core expertise with Magento where he is deploying all his eCommerce business strategies (Plan, Design, Development, Marketing Strategies) on client projects. From small start-ups to major corporations, Live Chat makes it super easy to handle customer interactions on the spot, bringing along high speed of resolution and incredible ease of use for both website visitors and support agents. Let’s quickly cover the main things you need to do to get started on Provide Support. You will have 10-day free fully functional trial to test all available system functionality.
All you have to do is to copy a piece of code from the page and stick it into the HTML code of your website.
A basic computer with a 32 MB of free space and a Windows, Mac or Linux OS installed will do. Julia is also a writer and blogger on topics related to customer experience, customer service innovation and live chat support service. Live Chat allows companies to add a instant messaging feature to their website so site visitors can interact with company representatives in real time. Halcyon’s Live Chat feature is already driving both employment and sales leads and is proving to be an effective way for the organization to reach a broader audience and provide excellent customer service.

It also provides transcripts of every conversation, which Halcyon uses for training purposes. We not only provide the technology, we train your staff how to use it and coach them along the way for maximum impact and ROI. And this generally runs into a day or two.  When your concern is not addressed to immediately, what is the fun in writing to them?
It is just for this reason that every online store should incorporate a live chat support option in its eCommerce website. The customers can also remain anonymous and this factor makes it even more comfortable for the customers to open up freely and express their concern.  It is this quickness of response that makes it a very feasible option for the business owners too. Majority of the customers prefer to have personal interaction and the business owners too prefer the same.
By optimizing the live chat conversations one can see that there is a better inflow of customers to the business. He is Magento eCommerce Expert and proved his ability with providing variety of professional solutions for different vertical businesses. Asking for support from live chat agents is easy as compared to phone call where they have to hold their calls most of the time. Our live chat operators are not only skilled customer support professionals, We continually train them with the specifics of your business in order to serve you better. Click on an icon for your OS to start download then install the console following the on-screen instructions of the installation wizard. Your support operations are about to get a lot easier with the new smart tool on your website. The feature helps site visitors get the information they need right away and it gives companies an opportunity to instantly engage site visitors and potentially convert them into customers. Customer support management software allows your web site visitors to connect to your company representatives and have their questions answered by clicking on a live chat button embedded on your website. For such people, live chat support is a means of communication with a difference, wherein they can get immediate answers to the questions they have in mind. Whether your online business is travel, real estate, auto sales, web hosting, web design, education, insurance, our help desk software solution will improve customers confidence and reliability and increase your sales.
Multiuser chat script utility does not required any hardware or software like special plugs, Java Applets or DLL to be installed on the server and it is developed purely in active server page (ASP) script. Live communication chat server software supports the Unicode architecture, MS access database and successfully runs on all websites those are hosted on Windows server with IIS 5.0.
Live web support software allows website administrator to change login name and password when password is disclosed. Customer support tracking software provides facility to send offline message to customer support executive when operator is not available or offline.

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