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I have a student working on vowel spellings who’s keen to do crosswords, so I went looking for ones with words organised by spelling pattern.
It also has cloze clues,  which learners often find easier than definitions, and which provide helpful information about both word meaning and use. I like to introduce vowel spellings in one-syllable words first (play, clay, hay etc.) , and then move on to use them in longer words and with other tricky spellings (betray, delay, driveway). A word list would allow some longer words to be included without increasing the difficulty level much, and also prevent errors from being practised. I decided to try making my own crosswords, and this turned out to be fairly easy thanks to the amazing internets. There are a number of websites where you can make your own crosswords for free then download them (some allow you to make them, but then it’s not obvious how to download them other than by taking a screenshot), and the words actually cross, easily peasily.
Next I went looking for free phonics word searches on the internet, and found some promising-looking ones at Boggles Word ESL. This entry was posted in Fun, phonics activities, sound-letter links, sounds, spellings on November 16, 2014 by alison.
UKRAINIAN CITY FORMERLY CROSSWORDDoes the nyt crossword puzzle blog which reviews the new york.
One never tires of word puzzles (I am assuming here that you love them in the first place). Online Crosswords is a large database of printable crosswords and also those you can print online. The site also has its own Crossword Puzzles’ Word Directory that gives you a selection of 106,937 words to solve or create your own crossword puzzles with. It’s always nice to come across a site that is simple, without ads, and has one core function that it performs well.
One of the nicer features is that you can also generate a password protected answer key for your clues.
Educaplay is one of those sites tucked away in the recesses of the web that you might not discover unless you were searching for interactive educational tools. Educaplay supports various European languages and you can create crosswords in any of them. This is the home for The Free Online Crossword Compiler, a fancy name for an online tool that allows you to create crosswords quickly. The Free Online Crossword Compiler is a slick and usable crossword tool that gives you great deal of flexibility.
Puzzle Workshop is a little (701 KB) downloadable crossword generator for Windows that allows you to create freeform crosswords.
Across Lite is a free crossword tool that enables you to create, publish, and solve crossword puzzles on your computer. We talked about the various facets of Across Lite including how you can create crosswords of your own when we went down & across to solve crossword puzzles with Across Lite.
For me Across Lite is the best tool for creating (and publishing) my own crossword puzzles.
I did a very early review on how to use Eclipse Crossword to design your own crossword puzzles. From all the signs out there on moving buses and subway trains, solving crosswords is more popular than creating them.

Yes, Arthur Wynne is usually credited with the first crossword (19130, but their history goes back to the 19th Century. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation.
Add word search puzzles to the list of games you can play with mere words and using nothing but a pen and paper.
The heights of egotism is said to be found in a person who does the New York Times crossword with a pen. The UZI submachine gun was developed in Israel by designer Uziel Gal in around 1949, and manufactured by IMI (now IWI Ltd) since about 1951. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. I’m always amazed at how many spelling activities focus on what words look like, and ignore what they sound like. So this crossword assumes that the learner can read pretty well, which many poor spellers can do, because our education system focuses on reading more than spelling. The word list could be covered up while writing if visual copying rather than sounding out is a major problem. Writing decodable clues, or any other meaningful, interesting decodable text is very difficult. These start with a word-to-picture matching activity, which ensures learners’ vocabularies are engaged, as well as the parts of their brains dealing with sounds and letters.
And I am not talking about Reverend John Graham who used it to tell readers that he is dying of cancer. There are ten different types of puzzles you can create – Criss-Cross is the closest that comes to the nature of crosswords. The end result gives you a printable puzzle which you can use for classroom teaching or for leisure at home. Crossword Labs – as the site says – is the simplest way to build, print, share and solve crossword puzzles online. The unique feature is that you can define a comprehension level and create multimedia crosswords with words, sounds, and images. The crossword data is saved in the database and also checked for obvious errors and only then it is made available online.
A free demo version (that allows import of a maximum of 50 words from external sources) is available for download.
Now, you can also upload your crosswords in the Across Lite format and publish them as interactive puzzles on blogs and websites for free.
Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. All those stars, those distant planets — celestial bodies that form poetry in the blackness of deep space.
If given equal emphasis and taught well, these skills should mirror each other fairly closely.
Word puzzles are the easiest party games and it is very easy to make and print word search puzzles. The database is growing each day, and you also get to play seven crosswords daily – online or download their printable versions. Crossword Labs comes highly recommended if you are looking for a quick way to generate powerful crossword puzzles using the simplest method possible.

The free version features crosswords between 10?10 and 30?30 squares and comes with support for word lists. To download the fully-functioning version that can import much longer word lists, you need to email the developer. It is not so feature packed; but if you are looking for a simpler tool for the classroom, then this could be it. 120 years later, the black and white square grids remain as engaging as the first published one in 1913.
The Professional Compiler goes a few steps ahead and lets you define a template for the grid (e.g. The software auto-generates a large number of different fills and also scores them for you using an algorithm. Anyone out there know of ones that cut down the grid size, and thus speed up the discovery rate? From the first diamond shaped puzzle to the many interactive variants we see today on iPhones and Androids; from Word-Cross to Cross-Word to Crossword, the game has been integral in making us lookup the dictionary and boost our vocabulary. To create your own free crosswords, you have to register and then start off with a new ‘activity’.
PeteMyers20: Nothing like a trip thru Liberty City with an Uzi after a rough day at the office.
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You get to see two targets, one shooting in semi-auto and the other in full-auto, this gun is surprisingly accurate!
It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses.
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