When I met Jordan at his Midtown Manhattan hotel he couldn't shake hands because he had just broken his right hand.
Jordan is receiving rave reviews for his performance in the Sundance award winner "Fruitvale Station." Jordan plays Oscar Grant in the true and quite infamous story of a young man who was killed by a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer on New Year's Day in 2009. You mentioned "The Wire." But I feel that, movie-wise, "Chronicle" had a lot to do with this -- that movie did a lot better than it was supposed to do. When was the first time that you realized there was a very famous man with your name that was not your father?
But, some day, people might be going to him making jokes about being an actor with an Oscar nomination.
I know everything is secretive about if you're going to be the Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four. But I do have to ask you, when I transcribe this, how do I accurately describe that death stare you gave me a few seconds ago? In early 2011, the Ku Klux Klan released a letter applauding young black males for their efforts, and thanking them for their contribution to African American communities.
The saddest part about those lives that have been lost is that every time someone is murdered, two lives are ended. Instead they were buried six feet beneath the dirt, or placed behind six inches of bulletproof glass as they watch their loved ones shed tears for a man who they will never be able to embrace again, unless of course they end up in the penitentiary as well. While my Editor-In-Chief Michael Skolink is in Sanford consoling the family of Trayvon Martin, there are 43 grieving families in Chicago whose loved one’s names will appear on a tombstone – not trending topics, or international news headlines. If we were able to unite and rally for justice for Trayvon, but are unable to band together to end this intraracial genocide, the message being sent is clear. If we can voice our opposition to cops killing us, whites killing us, and dictators killing their citizens in different countries, we are obligated to do the same for our own self-destruction.
Sign up for our newsletter and never miss the hot stories Thank you for subscribing to Global Grind! Jordan is named after his father, but Michael Jordan does still play a role in the "Fruitvale Station" actor's life.

So recently, in fact, that he had yet to go to the hospital (as we talked, I watched it physically swell).
Honestly, actors always want to look for that leading role or have the opportunity to play a lead role like Oscar Grant. I've been chasing that feeling ever since -- in trying to find moments in roles where I can completely dissolve myself. But, a definite motivation of mine is getting people to think of me and my career instead of that guy. His publicist, who is in the room, asks me if Jordan is rolling his eyes.] I didn't say anything! Jordan poses for a portrait at the photo booth for MSN Wonderwall at ChefDance on January 20, 2013 in Park City, Utah.
Patrick’s Day weekend, 53 were shot over Memorial Day weekend, and this past weekend, 43 were shot.
It’s okay to murder young black men for trivial reasons as long as blacks are the ones doing the killing.
While I find this to be asinine in defense of a word, it as an utterly unacceptable when it comes to the destruction of a race of people.
Which may sound like a word reserved for the other Michael Jordan, the famed basketball player, a six-time NBA champion and five-time league MVP. All of the taunting and teasing Jordan received as a kid because he shared names with one of the most famous men on Earth helped to inspire the 26-year-old's competitive streak. He didn't cancel our interview, though: Jordan suffered through, which is kind of reminiscent of, well, you know.
Here, a jovial -- despite his broken hand -- Jordan discusses his breakout year, explains why "Space Jam" has everything to do with why he uses a "B" in his name as a professional, and kinda sorta gives us the latest on those persistent rumors that he will be the new Human Torch in Josh Trank's "The Fantastic Four" reboot. You want to be number one on the call sheet, but then you see that schedule and you're like, "Oh my God.
And I played basketball a lot growing up, too, and that's why I think I developed a little chip on my shoulder for awhile -- and why I became so competitive.

And it's not like we have to feel bad for Chris Evans, he's not struggling for work these days.
That’s three times in the past SIX weeks that at least 40 plus people were shot over a weekend in Chicago alone. They both had the potential to be the next Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, or Russell Simmons.
His aim is not to be Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or Ghandi, but he hopes to make them proud by keeping their ideals alive through his lifestyle.
And the lack there of of quality roles for African-American actors, I look for stuff like that.
I grew up reading comic books, being a big Marvel and DC fan, if I had the opportunity to play a role like that, of course I would. Well, there are literally thousands of young brothers who look just like Trayvon, who just as well could be anyone of us being slaughtered on a daily basis.
It's like, "Oh, Michael Jordan, ha ha." No, sorry, I've heard that a million times already.
But I have to look at it from her point of view and be like, "I embody her son." Or, I do the best of my ability to try to, anyway. Honestly, the biggest thing to me is the respect of my peers in the entertainment industry that I'm in -- because I look up to them as well.
And "Chronicle" for me personally was a high for me because they took a chance and they changed it -- it could have been anybody.

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