Contemporary for any age, these titanium druzy earrings create a lot of sparkle for not a lot of money! Screaming extreme feminism, Sonya Renee is a girls best friend!  Loving jewelry is in a woman’s DNA. After seeing the jewelry worn by stars like Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor in romantic movies, people had to follow in their footsteps. What A Girl Wants transforms shopping into an intimate and engaging experience, offering an entirely fresh and authentic way to shop for jewelry. It all started with a 40th birthday celebration, a pair of diamond earrings, and access to 47th Street New York City diamond designers and one year later it became a unique business with sales over $500,000.
The overnight success story of What A Girl Wants began in 2004 when Debbie received a pair of 14-karat white gold diamond studded earrings from her old college roommate who had family connections to New York City’s Diamond District designers. After successful small showcase parties to families and friends, it occurred to Debbie, who was already running her own tutoring and education consulting firm Educational Insiders and teaching spinning classes part-time at two leading local fitness clubs, that there just might be a St.
Customers seem to love this new form of shopping, especially female consumers, as interest and attendance in What A Girl Wants’ events continue to grow.

Every piece from this incredible line is blessed and adorned with a mantra for the wearer, making it jewelry with a soul.
Direct from New York City’s 47th Street Diamond and Jewelry District along with regular additions from Florence, Italy and Japan, What A Girl Wants showcases over 400 pieces of jewelry, ranging in style from contemporary or classic to vintage and heirloom. Whether it’s private scheduled appointments or large open houses at Debbie’s historic West End residence to “Diamond & Martini” parties or trunk shows at St. For Debbie Kaminer—mother, wife, professional educator, and part-time fitness diva—fine jewelry was the furthest thing on her mind a few years ago and “What A Girl Wants” was simply a pop culture catch phrase. Debbie decided to tap into this rarely accessible network, including the exclusive wholesale pricing, after stirring quite the interest around town.
Louis market for fine jewelry similar in style and look to the works of the hottest designers but at a fraction of the cost. I love to mix different styles, like a heavy moto boot with a flowy, gauzy dress.Read MoreJeannetteIf I were an animal, I would be a kangaroo.
Louis’ hottest boutiques like Byrd, Girl, and Wish, fine jewelry shopping reaches new heights with What A Girl Wants’ fun, personalized, and intimate style.

Today, Debbie eats, sleeps, and breathes diamond necklaces and precious stones and What A Girl Wants is a fast growing one-woman business in St. It was at that point that Debbie’s diamonds went from fashion accessories to the business venture of What A Girl Wants. Louis, taking ladies of all ages by storm and ushering in a new trend of playful, sophisticated, and personalized fine jewelry shopping at an affordable price. They are stimulated because they’re buying diamond and gold jewelry and empowered because they feel a sense of accomplishment for nabbing a bargain on a high-quality luxury item.” Whether it is Debbie’s engaging style, visionary thoughts, or simply the demand for affordable fine jewelry, What A Girl Wants has taken off as a St.

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