Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. If you’ve seen any of the Spy Kids movie or at least seen the posters, you will recognize actress Alexa Vega.
She spoke to Bring Magazine about this new role and why she sees transitioning into adult roles as an opportunity to be a role model for young girls. That’s not just a selfish thing for Alexa, who counts being a role model to her young fans as motivation to make smart choices about the roles she takes on. As for some of those other child stars who really don’t care about their image or their devout followers, Alexa has a few thoughts.
Very diplomatic thoughts, but coming from someone who could have literally gone down the same path, there is no one better suited to comment on the situation.

She was married to 36 year old producer Sean Covel in 2010, and sadly got divorced in 2012 at the age of 23, less than 2 years of marriage. And in case you were wondering what her next move was thinking this is all just hearsay and she is going to slut it up and fool us all, this may come as a surprise.
Alexa Vega has found the perfect balance to being a badass chick, staying a girl at heart, and wanting to set a good example for her fans. Or perhaps not, as she has grown up since playing the role of Carmen Cortez, and has transformed into a mature young woman.
Clearly she understands being a celebrity comes with the added responsibility of having many fans, and for her to take that seriously is a massive tick in our eyes. In her first major role playing an adult, she can be seen in the movie Machete Kills which just hit theaters, also starring Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara.

The type of influence a celebrity can have over a young girl or woman is like no other, and if they use that in a way to lead them in a positive direction in life, then they deserve every accolade in the industry!
But hey, she obviously decided life was worth living rather than throwing away because of a difficult situation.

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