All this pain all this regret that is in my life that I’ve held onto for so long hurts more than anything else. The point of what I said was to tell you what I see and think of the human experience.Friends,family and loved ones they all die eventually and we have to face that fact because no matter where you run to no one is immortal. A few days past, and I clutched my phone tighter and tighter every day, desperately waiting for a response, telling me about her successful surgery. When he arrived at this new church who wanted him to play piano for them, he was full of optimistic thoughts. Sensing the awkwardness and horror of what had just happened, the wedding guests had all gone home, thinking that they should leave him be. We try to make every last moment meaningful because there is only one barrier that we can never see. But as I began to tell more and more people of how I felt I started to notice that they began to get further away from me. She was bed-ridden for a time, until she was forced to live in a hospital for, what sounded like, was going to be the rest of her life.
But in reality we will never know until we are the ones being looked at as we take our final breath.

It was like I was on a one-sided window, with her on the other, and I could do nothing but watch. He loves Jesus and seems happy to be alone, but I can tell that he is still suffering from his jilting. We're scared that when we die no one will ever remember us and that everything that we have done was for nothing. After hearing the details about the surgery, I felt the urge to ask her “Well then, what’s next for us? He stared at the door from which she left for a solid two minutes, as if he was expecting her to come back. Every single being has their own feeling towards death but what happens when they feel death?
We search for meaning and when we are satisfied that's when we can let go of reality itself.
So I decided to say that it was all a joke and after that they all laughed and everything went to normal.
The heartbroken man raced into the bathroom, sobbing, and didn't come out for three hours.

I know now, that even if love tries to come within my life again, I’ll find myself pushing it away, for loneliness has a far less painful sting than that of lost love and disappointment.
I look at my pen and I just want to jab it in my skin then watch myself bleed knowing that it makes me feel better because I don’t have to feel what hurts the most.
I contemplate life and always figure out that one of these days I will die and no one will even notice.
I look at the moon and see all the emotions in the universe migrate to it and compile into one. I just stand there and let them poke at me and chip me away while they build off of me also.

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