Until we come face-to-face with these creatures, the tales will just have to do although we’re not sure how close we would want to get.
As early as the 13th century sailors have been telling tales of two massive sea creatures one of which was the Kraken. The Kraken is incontestably the largest Sea monster in the world with a width of one and a half miles. Tall tales of the Kraken grabbing hold of ships with its tentacles and engulfing them from the bottom all the way to its main mast still circulate the seas. Sirens in Greek mythology were sea nymphs who lived on an island called Sirenum scopuli, but there are different locations depending on the tradition in which the tale is told.  These beautiful naiads would enchant sailors and travelers with their siren song? and cause them to sail their ships into cliffs and drown. Mermaids, on the other hand, come from mer? which means sea and maid(en) which is a legendary creature  human from the torso up and fish-like down. The most common story was that Mermaids were incredibly skilled at seducing lonely sailors and dragging them down to their underwater kingdom. We are all familiar with Disney’s beloved The Little Mermaid, but did you know how the tale originally came about?  In the very first version of the story by Hans Christian Andersen, the mermaid sees her Prince marry a princess and she despairs. This entry was posted in Scuba Diving, Sea Legends and tagged Mermaids, Mythology, Pirates, Sea legends, Sirens, the Kraken. With so many unscrupulous things happening on the internet it is important to protect your kids and family. Back then there was no real need for strict parental controls – because the Internet did not really exist.  These days even if you aren’t looking for bad things, they somehow find you online.
One of the main ways to protect your kids from the potential online dangers is to have a good security system in place. The Multi-Device comes with parental control management which not only allows us as parents to track which websites our kids visit, but also block access to inappropriate and unsuitable ones. I definitely don’t want my children on some adult website discovering the “birds and the bees”, or being lured into joining terrorist organizations, or meeting child molesters!! In addition to all the other social media platforms out there, almost everyone these days has a Facebook account. The best part of the Norton 360 Multi-Device is that it allows you to have Norton protection for multiple devices all in one place, and it allows you to use one single key to activate protection across all of your devices.
Use a comprehensive security system on your computer which allows for parental control tools. There are a lot of bad people lurking out there – now it’s not just in your small neighborhood, but worldwide!
It’s funny when you tell the story now, but that is pretty scary if you think about it.
Field Marshall Lord Kitchener’s face and pointing finger proclaiming ‘Your country needs you’, often copied and mimicked, is one of the most recognisable posters of all time. Born 24 June 1850 in County Kerry, Ireland, Horatio Kitchener first saw active service with the French army during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 and, a decade later, with the British Army during the occupation of Egypt. The criticism however, did not damage Kitchener’s career, becoming first c-in-c of India, promoted to field marshal, and, in 1911, Consul-General of Egypt, responsible, in effect, for governing the whole country.
At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Lord Kitchener was appointed Secretary of State for War, the first soldier to hold the post, serving under Herbert Asquith’s Liberal government.

Popular with the public but less so with the government, who found him taciturn and difficult to work with, the failure of the Gallipoli campaign saw Kitchener’s prestige fall. In June 1916, Lord Kitchener was sent on a diplomatic mission to Russia to try and better coordinate the Western and Eastern Fronts. Read more about the Great War in World War One: History In An Hour published by Harper Press and available in various digital formats and as downloadable audio. This entry was posted in Blog, World War One and tagged World War One by History In An Hour. Rumors pointed to sightings off the shores of Norway and Iceland; the Kraken was described in many different ways depending on the era. Its grip would bring down the ship and its sailors with it and they would be taken by the sea.? Kind of like the final scene with Jack Sparrow where the Kraken takes down the Black Pearl. Tails (see what we did there) of Sirens and Mermaids have been told by sailors and travelers for centuries; in fact in some languages they are both the same creature. It was then said that Sirens were destined to die should someone hear their song and escape unscathed. Atargatis, an Assyrian priestess, jumped into the sea to wash away her shame of an unwanted pregnancy and emerged as a fishtailed goddess. Christopher Columbus among them saw three Mermaids on his first voyage to the Americas in 1493. She is offered a knife to kill the prince with, but instead she jumps into the sea and dies by turning to froth. Whether it’s pornography, online stalkers, XXX websites, hackers, cyber criminals…the list just goes on and on. This is especially important to those of use with young children who are just starting to explore the internet – who knows what bad sites they might stumble upon.
Norton’s parental controls management system allows us parents to keep an eye on our kid’s social network activities, monitor who they are chatting with online and manage the amount of time they spend online.
It also has a cloud-based management console that allows us as parents to have control of all of our family’s devices from anywhere – all you need is the internet. He was part of the force that tried, unsuccessfully, to relieve General Charles Gordon, besieged in Khartoum in 1885. Succeeding Lord Roberts as c-in-c in November 1900 with the idea of mopping up outstanding pockets of resistance, Kitchener resorted to a scorched-earth policy in order to defeat the guerrilla tactics of the Boers. Bleakly, he predicted a long war, a lone voice among the government and military elite who anticipated a short, sharp conflict.
On 5 June, the ship he was travelling on, the armoured cruiser, HMS Hampshire, hit a German mine off the Orkney Islands and sunk. But today, almost a century on from his death, his poster remains one of the iconic images of the twentieth century. You may have heard of some of these legendary creatures thanks to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. When I was 18 years old, my summer job as a telemarketer was to cold call people and conduct a survey on “whether or not they had heard of the Internet”.
What happened to normal bank robbers who covered their faces with black ski masks, or strangers offering you candy from their windowless vans?

For computers we need to install special software.  Norton by Symantec recently came out with a new consumer security product, the Norton 360 Multi-Device which has five patented layers of protection that detects and eliminates threats more quickly and accurately than other technologies. According to recent findings from the Norton Cybercrime Report 2012, there has been an increase in “new” forms of cybercrime found on social networks like Facebook. Controversially, he also set up a system of concentration camps and interned Boer women and children and black Africans. Britain, Kitchener argued, would need an army far larger than the existing 1914 professional army, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). He had offered to resign, but the government, knowing how popular he was with the public, daren’t let him go. These 12 cm diameter bronze plaques (click picture to enlarge, although this one is not Kitchener’s) were presented to the next of kin of those that had died during the Great War in the name of Britain and her empire. In his new ending, instead of dying when turned to froth, she becomes a daughter of the air? waiting to go to heaven.
Thirteen years later, as commander-in-chief of the Egyptian army, Kitchener led the campaign of reprisal into the Sudan, defeating the Mahdists at the Battle of Omdurman and reoccupying Khartoum in 1898. Overcrowded, lacking hygiene and malnourished, over 25,000 were to die, for which Kitchener was heavily criticised. The prime minister’s wife, Lady Margot Asquith, once famously said, ‘if Kitchener was not a great man, he was, at least, a great poster.’ (Although Lady Asquith later assigned the quote to her daughter).
Kitchener’s body was never found, leading to several conspiracy theories that he had become too much of an embarrassment and liability, and had been assassinated. You would have to be living in outer space to not know what the Internet is (although by now I am sure that aliens have even heard of it). The Norton 360 Multi-Device has a special application for Facebook (Norton Safe Web for Facebook) that scans your news feed and identifies any risky links, such as phishing sites, dangerous downloads or unsafe external sites.  All the scanning is done behind the scenes so you don’t even know it’s happening until there is a potential threat (all you have to do is enable this feature). Kitchener’s successor as secretary for war and eventual prime minister, David Lloyd George, thought little of Kitchener and criticised his wartime role in his 1937 War Memoirs. That David Lloyd George, at the time the Minister for Munitions, was supposed to have been accompanying Kitchener but cancelled at the last minute, merely added to the speculation.
Beneath her is another lion gorging the German eagle, and the two dolphins are meant to represent Britain’s sea power. The editor of the Manchester Guardian remarked that Kitchener ‘could not have done better than to have gone down, as he was a great impediment lately’. About 1,300,00 were presented and my friend has a rather macabre collection of over 3,000, including this one of Kitchener’s. I took it to an auction house in London and yes, it was genuine but, given Kitchener’s status, there are about five or six in existence. In the event, they got two million by the end of 1915, such was the extent of British patriotism and British naivety. 4 is average, not as in average looking but what a woman looks like if they are skinny, but carefree about their fitness level.

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