And, he made a sarcastic remark, You think I didn’t know you’re in love with me? I was thinking the other day about how my relationship with my husband has progressed over the years and I thought of something that I would share that might help some of you out. So, what made me decide to change things up?  Well, I was speaking to one of my very wise mentors, Tamara about how frustrated I was becoming with certain things in our relationship and she gave me some really good advice. If I go into his space with pissed off, frustrated energy and want to discuss something that has made me angry, the energy I am taking into this discussion is negative, angry energy and the outcome of what I want to discuss will more than likely be something I don’t want it to be. Her advice made sense, but did it really work?  Could I do this?  Sure, after some practice at it! I can then deal with the situation using an energy that is more constructive to solving the issue at hand. As much as you are experienced with energy, I’m thinking this post might be a great reminder for you if you do happen to clash a little with your Taurus! Dawna commented on 7 Ways To Feel More Powerful In 15 Minutes Awesome read and a perfect pairing with some intentions I have set for 2016!
Mira commented on 3 Ways To Activate Your Third Eye Chakra This is the perfect article for me to read today.
Susan commented on Easy Meditation Tip – Sitting In Nature Thank you Drea, had forgotten about doing that and do have a nice spot in the yard!

If you are showing signs of real unpredictability or suggesting mental imbalance in any serious way, he’ll decide you are definitely not his type. It makes a WORLD of difference if you are able to step back and assess your energy, especially when things are getting heated. When writing this post I was giving more of an overview of the years past rather than more recent years. Having grown up in a family that often reacts to conflict rather than first reflects it was a huge adjustment learning to communicate with my husband (Taurus vs Aquarius). He comes from a family that is very calm and didn’t shout at each other verses my family who was very passionate and often wore our emotions on our sleeves. We would react without first reflecting and often comments would flying out of our mouths before we even thought twice about them. I just talked to a taurus guy who said he got a habit of kissing people who he doesn’t not know and he seems to like the subject on. If the taurus man likes you, he will try to touch you because of his very keen sense even when the taurus man accepts a woman with a past, he doesn’t like being reminded of it. Like the bull that attacks the matador with its head held high and nostrils flaring, the Taurean man meets every challenge that comes his way with pride and determination. Attracting the taurus male can be a tricky process, but it’s easier if you know what will catch the eye of the man who interests you.

Promises are unbreakable oaths to the Taurus man, and he will do his best not say anything he doesn’t mean. With the bull as his Zodiac sign, you have to know that the Taurus man can be extremely stubborn. Thinking about the sign of taurus makes me want to light some candles, eat a few strawberries dipped. So, if you looking for someone to engage in fifty shades of grey role-playing sessions, the. If you’ve set your heart on a Taurus man, there are a few things you should know before you make your feelings known.
If a taurus falls for you, it is forever, and who doesn’t want a man that will stay by their side for the long.
Above all a taurus man doesn’t like gameplaying or lies, trust is extremely important to them. Taurus is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac, so if being treated like the one turns you on, this is.

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